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   Chapter 499 What Else Wouldn't They Be Able To Handle

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7781

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"Okay," Jean responded. She nodded and walked towards to the dining room.

"Sean, why did you agree to Zed and Jean going to the resort? It's dangerous out there, and Jean is pregnant. I will be so worried about her safety," Jade said to Sean.

Hearing her tirade, Sean paused the game and looked at Jade. He shook his head and said,"Jade, you worry too much. Zed and Jean aren't kids. Going out and hanging out with their friends is really not a big deal. Do you really want to keep them with us, two elders, every single day? On top of that, Moore is going too. Two grown-up men are going to be with Jean. What else wouldn't they be able to handle?"

Sean said.

Jade thought over Sean's words. She couldn't argue at this point. But somehow, she couldn't shake off her worries with Sean's argument.

"For some reason, I have a bad feeling about their trip. I will try to talk Zed out of this weekend resort idea, when he is home," said Jade. She mumbled and walked away from Sean.

Sean sunk in his chair without saying a word to Jade. He flashed a wry smile at Moore and said,"I apologize for this. She usually doesn't act like this. She is just too much worried about Jean and the baby."

Moore smiled back and replied,"Uncle Sean, there's no need to apologize. I think you are very glad to have her as your wife."

"Oh? How so?" Sean asked curiously.

"I can see Aunt Jade is a very caring and detail-oriented woman. With her by your side, you can let go of a lot of worries," said Moore with a big smile.

"That's true. With Jade's company for all of these years, she has taken care of a lot of things for me," said Sean. He gave Moore a nod to show his agreement and continued,"In fact, she did a lot of things way better than me."

"I knew she is an amazing woman when I first saw her. That is why I think you are glad to have her by your side! With Aunt Jade's help, your life must be so much easier." Moore smiled and added.

"You are right. I am glad. If my daughter had not been killed in that incident, my life would have been perfect," said Sean.

"Uncle Sean, let's not think about the past. We have played chess for hours now. Sitting for too long is not good for your health. May I have the pleasure to take a walk in your beautiful garden with you?" Moore put down the chess pieces in

their eyes met in the rear view mirror.

"Very well then. Since you did know, can you tell me why you agree to go to the resort with me this weekend? I agreed to Maranda's plan, not knowing when they planned to leave. When I did, Mother stopped me from changing the plans," said Jean. She pouted and continued,"Why didn't you tell me? If you had, I wouldn't have made such a reckless decision."

Zed signalled Moore again, but Moore gave him a smile and smugly sat in the backseat without uttering a single word. Zed smiled in resignation and said,"Moore, Jean doesn't look happy. Do you mind answering her question for me?"

"It's your marriage, and I'm not going to wet my shoes for it," replied Moore. Moore shook his head and laughed at Zed. Clearly, he was enjoying every bit of the moment and was in no mood to help Zed out.

Zed was on his own now. He faked a cough and smiled at Jean. "Darling, it's really not a big deal. They are my parents. We will have plenty of time in the future to spend with them. Just don't worry about it," said Zed.

"It's easy for you to say. They are your parents but not mine. Whatever you do, they will be okay with it. But for me, things are different. You know how tough it is to manage relations between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. What if mother disliked me for what I have done? It's obvious I didn't do the right thing! Oh God! I should have not dragged everyone out to have fun on their last weekend here," groaned Jean.

Giving voice to her thoughts upsetted Jean all the more.

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