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   Chapter 498 Good Night

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8158

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"Come on, Zed! You always get so worried about me. I am not as delicate as a flower. You know, I am strong and tough enough to take care of myself." Zed's words had made Jean roll her eyes helplessly, as if exasperating her with his continuous worrying. "If there is anything I ought to know, you should tell it to me directly without thinking too much. We can deal with anything together."

"Okay, sweetheart!" Zed smiled. "You know what? It makes me excited to hear you say that the baby's the most important in the world right now. Jean, I am so glad to see you change yourself so nicely after being pregnant, just for the baby's sake."

"Zed...I am satisfied as long as you're happy. As long as you don't find me overly troublesome, and as long as you can help me deal with my troubles, I am happy." Jean suddenly let out a sigh. "Recently, a lot of things have been going on far too rapidly. This business with the Wens doesn't seem to end. And every time I thought we could settle down, something new has risen. At long last, I am relieved that everything is fine now."

"How about Shirley? What are we going to tell her?" Zed asked Jean about the current cause of their worries.

"After everything's been handled properly, I think we ought to let Joy see her one last time. She deserves that. Both of them do. Once that is done, we can decide whether we should tell Shirley the truth or not." Jean looked at Zed and asked for his opinion.

"Okay." Zed nodded in agreement. "Shirley has accepted the reality and calmed down. But her prison life has just begun. If she finds out about Joy's condition, she is going to lose control and that is not really advisable for us to tell her the truth at this critical moment. We should tell her everything after she settles down in prison life."

"Okay." Jean had gotten relaxed now and became aware of how sleepy she was. She gave a big yawn.

"Are you sleepy? Let's get to sleep. We can discuss the remaining affairs tomorrow." Zed immediately saw the tired look on her face and felt guilty about being so careless and letting her be so. He hugged her tightly, and

she nuzzled against his chest, adjusting and finding the most comfortable position. Then she slurred,"Zed, Dearest, good night."

"Good night." Zed affectionately kissed her hair, and slowly closed his eyes, feeling that beautiful woman in her arms.

The night was getting dark and the house finally became quiet

cated expression on his face.

He leaned forward with a serious posture and started playing with the pen in his hand unconsciously.

Jean called Maranda and told her the news that they had all decided to come. She talked a few more things with her before hanging up reluctantly.

Just as she put down the phone, Jade shouted from the dining room. "Jean, it's time to eat the porridge!"

"Okay. Mother, I am coming!" Promptly replying, Jean hurriedly walked back to the dining room. While she was going, she smiled at Moore. "Moore, we are all going on a holiday this weekend."

"Has Zed agreed to go?" Moore looked at Jean and asked.

"Yes. Maranda will drive with her friends to meet us. You just need to prepare a few clothes. Enough for the weekend at least." Thinking of something, Jean stopped her steps and reminded Moore.

On the other side, Jade had been waiting for a long while in the dining room. Hearing Jean's words, Jade immediately asked with surprise,"Several clothes? Where are you going?"

"My friend invited Zed, Moore and me to go to the resort this weekend. We seldom have such a good opportunity to gather and have fun. So, I am sorry that we can't accompany you and father this weekend,"

Jean looked at her and said apologetically.

"It doesn't matter. As long as it makes you happy, we are happy!" Sean sat on the sofa and told her not to worry.

"Thank you, father!" Jean smiled happily.

Looking at Jean, Jade wanted to say something. But she stopped midway, and instead asked her to eat the porridge,"Jean, your food is getting cold. You should eat it now while it is tepid."

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