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   Chapter 497 I Have Another Identity

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8403

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Jean rolled over to face Zed and said,"Then, what would you like to talk about?"

"I have something to tell you and it's bad news. I hope you can prepare yourself before I tell you. No matter what you hear next, just be calm. Promise me, for the sake of our baby." Zed pleaded with Jean as he looked at her with anxious eyes.

Jean was taken aback. She had thought that Zed would never agree to tell her this deep-buried secret. After a while, with her voice full of doubt, she asked,"Are you sure you are ready for it? You have been dithering over whether to tell me this the whole night. If you haven't decided yet, don't push yourself. Don't make a compromise just because I want to know it. Honey, you don't have to tell me if you think I'm gonna overreact. I can understand. It's our baby first."

Zed was staring at Jean in wonder. He had thought Jean would be upset about his hiding such an important part of the truth from her. So he instinctively asked,"Don't you want to know what happened?"

"Yes, I'm curious about what you have hidden from me. I want to know. But, if I can't control my emotions after I get to know the truth, I'd rather not be told. The baby's heath is a top priority for me. My curiosity can wait. Now, it's the baby over everything," Jean said and looked at Zed with a firm look.

Zed was tongue-tied as Jean's words sunk in. He looked at Jean in disbelief.

He had been tossing and turning over this confession for the longest time and by now, persuaded himself to tell Jean. But he never thought that this was how Jean saw the whole situation. After studying her glowing but sleepy face, Zed concluded that she meant every bit of her words.

"I'm glad that you see it this way, Jean," Zed said looking relieved. Giving her hands a warm squeeze as a faint smile played on his lips, he said,"Since you too think that our baby is of utmost importance right now. I think you will know how to react once you hear my news." He drew a long breath in and said,"So, I have decided to tell you, Jean."

"Hmm. What is it then?" Jean looked at Zed and asked calmly.

"Well, it's about Joy." Zed said it in a measured tone, adding,"She called me before supper and said that she has lung cancer. It's terminal. And she just has a few months to live. I confirmed this with her doctor after she hung up."

"What?" Jean was stunned and looked at Zed in disbelief.

Inwardly, Zed had butterflies in his stomach. This is precisely what he was trying to avoid — an upset Jean. He im

I know is that you are my husband."

Though Zed might have prepared himself to reveal his true identity to Jean, she wasn't ready to listen to it, yet…

After a moment's pause, Zed too had second thoughts about it. He said,"Well, since you don't want to know at this moment, I will tell you when the time is right."

Jean sighed and her tense shoulders relaxed as the climax was averted for today.

A faint smile crept on her face. She gazed at Zed and said,"Thank you. I'm afraid that when I get to know your true identity, I won't be able to face you this easily. Even if you haven't told me, I already have some clues, Zed. So, don't tell me. Promise me to let it be, okay?"

"I promise, honey." Zed was nonetheless pleased at the love Jean and he shared. He felt warm and cherished after seeing Jean be so considerate of the secrets he hid from her. He scooped Jean into his arms and held her tightly. After some time, he cleared his throat and softly asked,"What do you want to do about Joy? If you still hate her, you can let her rot in prison."

"I don't hate her any more, Zed. But I'm afraid to put you in a difficult situation just to help her. This doesn't deserve your efforts," Jean said with a painful smile.

"I will not, Jean. It's not a big problem for me. Once her medical certificate is in place, it won't be hard to get her out." Zed blinked his big brown eyes at Jean and continued,"Jean, you know, I kept on wondering whether I should tell you about Joy being sick. I was afraid that you would be anxious about it. Well, it turns out you are not. I even thought about drinking wine with Zack to get some courage before I could say it out!"

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