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   Chapter 496 Natural Death

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7834

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"No, I have verified that. Her attending physician was Elian. You are also clear of his demeanor. It is absolutely impossible for him to lie. Moreover, I believe in his medical ethics," Zed said while shaking his head vehemently.

"Elian?" Zack was taken aback upon hearing Zed's words. Staring at Zed, he continued with a wry smile," In that case, what do you plan to do? Will you help her reach the path of death as she has chosen? Or will you pretend as if you know nothing and let the police punish her the way she deserves?"

"I caught in the dilemma, whatever I do will make no difference," Zed replied and shook his head upon hearing Zack's words. "I am just worried I will be unable to bear the consequences if Jean comes to know about it."

"Zed, you are thinking too much." Zack disagreed with Zed, and said," For Jean, this is not so bad as you think. I suggest you to patiently explain it to Jean as soon as possible. Tonight, I saw that Jean was looking for you. Her eyes was constantly staring at the direction of the staircase. Not seeing you present for dinner made her really anxious. You need to remember that she is very sensitive. Your behavior tonight was weird. She must have already discerned something strange. Perhaps now she is still not asleep. You will probably find her waiting for you."

"What shall I tell her when I go back? Shall I tell her the truth? That is going to make her upset," Zed replied, feeling appalled by the idea. He didn't know how he would explain this to her.

"Being sad will be unavoidable, but I think the situation will be more serious if you conceal this from her." Zack fixated his gaze on Zed. Then, he added," Go back home now. I will open several bottles of good wine for the two of you when you come here with Jean."

Zed stood up as soon as he heard what Zack had said. Staring at him, he said," Why am I feeling that you are driving me away? Is it just because of this bottle of Lafite wine?"

Hearing Zed's silly question, Zack rolled his eyes. "I have collected 10 bottles of Lafite wine produced in 1982. Why should I be reluctant to let you drink it? Hurry up and go back! Don't make Jean worry about you."

As soon as he finished his speaking, Zack pushed Zed and walked outside with him.

"Are you really driving me away?" Zed asked without struggling, in s

Hearing the sound of running water from the bathroom, Jean opened her eyes and looked at the door of the bathroom. Now she had her eyes wide open and worry was written all over her face.

She was affirmative that Zed was concealing something from her.

Jean felt tender affection and hesitation when he had kissed her earlier.

His manner made it evident that there was something he was afraid of telling her.

From this, she concluded it had something to do with her.

'What could be bothering Zed?

Since I am pregnant, he doesn't want to worry me. Is that a bad thing that Zed hesitates to tell me?'

Jean was lost in thoughts and didn't notice Zed return. As he reached near the bed, he saw her big black eyes wide open. "Jean, aren't you sleeping?" Zed asked in an astonished voice.

His voice brought her back to her senses. She immediately smiled and said," I am going to sleep right away."

Jean turned over as soon as she spoke. Now her back was turned to Zed, so he couldn't see her face anymore.

Zed felt relieved to see that Jean wasn't probing him for answers. 'She is so understanding and sweet, ' he thought to himself.

Having rubbed his hair dry, Zed crawled onto the bed and hugged Jean in his arms.

Feeling her body become stiff, Zed sighed and said," Jean, I know that you are still awake. Do you want to talk?"

"What shall we talk about?" Jean asked back, with her back still turned towards Zed.

"Turn your face to me first. I have something that I want to talk about." Now he felt her stiffen up even more.

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