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   Chapter 495 What Happened

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6220

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"It's already too late. Why did you follow me outside? Do you want some wine? Do you want me to take you out for a drink?" Zack asked as he walked into the yard and smiled at Zed.

"Uh-huh!" Zed didn't deny as he turned to Zack. Zed said gloomily," Let's go to your cellar and have a drink!"

"What happened?" Zack joked earlier but he didn't expect Zed to take it seriously. Zack was stunned and he stared at Zed.

"Nothing serious! I just want to have a drink tonight." Zed didn't explain much and got in Zack's car. He closed his eyes as Zack got in the car. Zed didn't want to talk.

Zack got worried because he had never seen Zed act like this ever before so he remained silent all the way to his mansion.

The car stopped before a lavish mansion.

The mansion was in the residential area of the city.

It was well equipped and had everything.

Zack led Zed to the cellar without saying anything.

As they entered the cellar, it took them about ten-minute walk along the path to a broad space having all the bottles of wine.

Zack had a great collection of wine in his cellar. They were all arranged on shelves.

The air was filled with a sweet aroma. The cellar was dark, which seemed a little spooky.

"Help yourself! I'll keep you company as long as you want to stay here tonight," Zack said in a very generous tone.

Zed had been in Zack's cellar before too. But he got surprised every time he came here.

It seemed Zack was not interested in anything except for collecting wine. Zed had been friends with him for many years, but he still couldn't understand why Zack loved that.

As Zed heard Zack's words, he grabbed a bottle of Lafite from 1982 and headed to the next room.

"Hey, don't you think of yourself as an outsider!" As Zack saw Zed pick such a great bottle of wine, he shouted,"Are you upset? Then you should h

his head as he continued," Jean just got pregnant and she is really weak. According to the doctor, she has to remain peaceful and not worry about anything. It's too dangerous for her and the baby as the first three months of pregnancy are the most crucial. I'm afraid what happened to Joy might worry Jean and affect her.

It is true that Joy never treated Jean well, but Jean asked me today to arrange an appointment for Joy and Shirley. Obviously, her hatred for Joy has faded away. If she finds out that Joy won't live long, Jean would definitely be upset. She will feel sorry for Shirley."

"Then don't tell her!" Zack replied as he thought it was the only easy way out.

"It's easy for you to say that!" Zed sighed and added," Joy confessed to the police but she hasn't been taken in custody yet. She won't get away from her time in prison. And that's why she called me today. She found out that I have a friend working in the police station and she hoped that I can help her out so that she can die naturally."

"Die naturally?" Zack was shocked and then added," Joy was lying to you. She did this so she can get away from her time in prison. She said that just to get your sympathy and then get away from her punishment."

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