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   Chapter 494 Be Careful

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12056

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Zed looked at Jean, who crossed her arms on her chest. A wry smile formed on his face upon hearing her words before he sighed helplessly and said," Christina is just a girl who grew up in the same big yard as I was. We treated each other like siblings, so it was really a surprise for me when she confessed her love for me. When I rejected her, I didn't know it was a huge deal for her. I realized it only until I heard that she attempted to commit suicide due to the rejection."

Jean looked at Zed, her eyebrows knitted. "Did she... Was her attempt... Is she...?" She didn't know how to ask the question without sounding insensitive.

Zed noticed her hesitation, so he supplied before she could finally compose her question. "Well, her mother found her bleeding on the bathroom floor. Apparently, she cut her artery with a knife. I was told that she was already in critical condition on the way to the hospital. As soon as they arrived, she was already proclaimed dead. She was only a teenager back then. It was really a great regret not just for me but for everyone, considering how her youth was wasted. I remembered that for a while, I blamed myself for what happened to her. It was long after that incident did I really recover from the guilt."

Jean eyed Zed intently, trying to deduce if what he was saying was a cover-up to the truth. When she couldn't find any hint, she asked," Then, how is the video incident associated with her?"

Zed was surprised by Jean's question, wondering why the video incident was suddenly mentioned. After a moment of composing himself, he realized then why Jean had dropped such a question.

'Of course, Jean have heard the mention of Christina. Naturally, she also has heard the other content.

Thanks a lot, Zack. You and your loud voice just ruined my plan, ' Zed thought, mentally noting to talk to Zack about lowering his voice when talking about confidential things.

Jean frowned at Zed's inability to respond to her question right away. She immediately spoke again to show her displeasure. "What's taking you so long to answer my question? Tell me, Zed. Are you still trying to hide anything from me even now?"

Zed looked at Jean and sighed helplessly. "If I were hiding anything, it is not because I don't want to tell you. Before finding any concrete evidence, all doubts are only considered groundless. I don't think it is necessary to tell you something that I am still not certain about. This will bring you nothing but worries, and I honestly don't want you to be stressed anymore."

"But, don't you think that I will be more worried if you don't tell me? I will be bothered every time the thought of you hiding something crosses my mind. Although the video incident came to an end, I know that it is only resolved partly for the time being, and I am still aware that the real culprit behind the scenes hasn't been caught yet. To be honest, I am still worried that whoever that culprit is may set us up again any time. If that really happens, there will be more serious consequences, and for sure, it won't be as simple as the video incident that occurred previously. I am pretty definite that the culprit isn't stupid enough to commit the same mistake. Zed, I'm really frightened about the thought that we would face the worst if we directly confront the culprit without knowing who he or she is,"

Jean said with great anxiety evident on her voice.

"Oh, honey." Zed immediately tried to comfort Jean as soon as he discerned her anxiety from her voice. He embraced her and rubbed her back gently before he continued," Everything will

nages such a big company by himself."

Jean gave her a reassuring smile. Seeing that Jean was not worried at all, Jade even suddenly doubted a bit about herself.

Upon seeing Jean's reaction, she thought that the woman who made a phone call to the landline number of their family might be Zed's customer. She wondered if she had just been overthinking all these.

'Jean doesn't even doubt about Zed dealing with other women at all. Then, why on earth am I suspecting?' Jade thought, shrugging off the disturbing thought instantly.

Jade then chuckled under her breath at how ridiculous her train of thoughts were, and then asked Jean to sit.

Moments later, Moore and Zack came into the dining room to join them.

Without making it obvious at how much she was being observant, Jean noticed that Jade didn't particularly give Moore the cold shoulder. At the sight of this, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief and started to eat.

However, Zed didn't come downstairs until all others had almost finished their meal.

As soon as she heard Zed's footsteps, Jean couldn't help but look at him and check if there was anything to worry about. Without discerning any other weird facial expressions on Zed's face, she went ahead with her meal.

As he sensed Jean's gaze at him, Zed smiled to her. He then joined them and sat beside Jean, attentively serving her different food.

All of them ate in a harmonious and cozy atmosphere, making Jade completely shrug off her bothersome thoughts.

After finishing their delicious meal, all of them went to the living room to have some tea.

Zack's loud voices and exaggerated gestures brought Zed's parents endless joy and laughter. He entertained not just them but also everyone in the room.

At last, Zack bid farewell to all others present. Zed stood up too and said," I have to go out as well to deal with something." Zed turned to Jean and smiled at her. "I would come back a little late, Jean. Please, go to sleep first. Don't wait for me."

Zed followed Zack as soon as he finished without any other word.

Zed's words caused a surge of uneasiness in Jean. She suddenly frowned and involuntarily took several steps forward, wanting to stop Zed and make him tell her what really was going on.

But before she could say anything to him, Zed had already walked out, and she could do nothing but keep the negative feeling inside her.

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