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   Chapter 493 A Person With A Story

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8923

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Moore pondered for a while. 'If that was a person that made Zed act with discretion, then he must have a similar social status to Zed.

If that was the case, would Leo be in danger?'

Moore had seen Zed's bodyguards around him. All of them had topnotched fighting skills that the ordinary bodyguards were far behind to catch up with, so he thought it would be such a threat.

Moore made a mental note to discuss with Jean about letting Leo stop doing that job.

'Since Zed has never given up looking for the real culprit, we don't need to waste the effort now.' Moore shook his head and sighed under his breath.

On the other hand, Jean started to get worried after noticing the silence that enveloped both Zed and Zack right after Zed's words. She walked over and composed herself before breaking the silence. "What were you two talking about just now?"

Both Zed and Zack turned abruptly and looked alarmed. After seeing Jean and Moore, the two of them relaxed a little bit.

Zed looked at Jean with a confused expression and asked,"Why are you here? Did you both fly? How could you two walk without a sound?" Zack chuckled to help lighten up the mood.

Ignoring this joke, Jean fixed her eyes on Zed. "If we let you know we were here long enough, how can I get to know the one - wait, what was her name? Christina? Who is she?"

"So you heard," Zed said, who looked at Zack with the same alarmed expression. Zed sighed and smiled bitterly at Jean. "Christina was a friend of Magnolia and Jesse, who played together with them since childhood. Zack went to see Magnolia lately, and they talked about their past. That is why he mentioned her name."

As soon as Zed finished, he gave a secret wink at Zack, making sure that it was not deliberate.

Zack understood Zed's intention immediately. He turned to Jean and gave her a reassuring smile. "Yes, that's right. Back then our neighborhood was really fun. There were more than a dozen of kids that were near my age. We hung out, did mischievous things, and messed around when we were young. Recalling then, we did have a good time together." Zack nodded at this.

"However, we are all grown-ups now, and busy with our own business. We rarely contact each other. Frankly, I really miss the innocent and carefree times we once had. The times where there weren't any worry, no competition or scheming against others for whatsoever reasons…"

Jean stopped listening as Zack trailed on about the advantages of their carefree past. She noticed how intentional it was for Zack to shift the topic. Because of that, Jean was more certain that they knew the person behind the scenes of the video incident.


Moore was startled, but he soon got what he meant. He followed him silently and sighed. He sat down on one of the chairs across Zack and said,"So you are a person with a story."

"Who doesn't have his own story nowadays? I don't think anyone be as innocent as a child." Zack looked at Moore and sighed deeply before turning his attention away and into nothing in particular. Silence enveloped them as they were lost in thought. Not long after, Zack turned to Moore once more and said,"I heard from Zed that you are from the Bai family."

Moore shrugged. "I just got the name."

Zack was surprised at his answer and smiled instantly. "I'm starting to like you, Moore. I can't say how many people get out of their way to have connection with the Bai family. There are many more that I don't know of. And yet here you are. Instead, you try your best to keep as far from them as possible. You don't even conceal your contempt for them. It's difficult to find a person like you nowadays." Zack shrugged.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Moore asked rhetorically, his eyebrows creased.

"No, no, no! Don't take it the wrong way. I really like you," Zack said in haste,"I don't have overflowing sympathy for anyone. I just meant what I said literally. You don't have to probe for a deeper meaning."

As Moore pondered over his explanation, a smile formed on his face. "Well, the feeling's mutual."

Meanwhile, after Jean walked a couple of steps away from Moore and Zack, she looked at Zed and cleared her throat before speaking. "Just so you know, I heard the Christina killed herself for you. I didn't want to ask you at the presence of Moore and Zack, and I certainly hate how you're keeping secrets from me. So, now you have to come clean, what the hell was that about?"

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