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   Chapter 492 God Might Take It Back

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7973

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Seeing Jean being so generous, Moore smiled and sighed. "All right! You leave me no choice. It seems that I can't escape from this, so I might as well go together."

As soon as he finished speaking, Moore stood up beside Jean, whose eyes widened in happiness.

"You know me so well!" Jean laughed and started to walk with Moore beside her. "You are my friend just as how Zack is Zed's. It'll be so fun to be all together today!" Jean said happily with a bright smile.

A complicated expression flashed before Moore's face, but he quickly replaced it with a smile and focused on the warm feeling inside of him.

"Didn't you and Zed go to see Shirley today?" Moore asked, breaking the comfortable silence as they walked. "How is she?"

Jean suddenly stopped and looked at him with a serious look. "She's fine, Moore, but you should know that parents-in-law aren't aware of the matters in my family. Please, I don't want you to spill anything about it. I don't want them to be worried about me. Besides, they will go back in a few days. It's better for them not to know. We can handle it on our own without having them to worry and get involved."

"Okay, I know, and I won't bring it up," Moore said with a nod. He was about to walk again but noticed Jean didn't, so he looked at her with wonder. "What's wrong?" He asked.

Jean looked at him again with a serious look. "Zed told me that Joy might not die."

Moore was surprised and left speechless upon hearing it. He didn't reply for a while, so Jean repeated what Zed had told her about Joy to Moore.

"To be honest, I am bothered, and the voices inside my head are struggling. There's a part of me that wants Joy to receive the punishment she deserved. An eye for an eye. On the other hand, there's a part of me that feels pity for them ever since the Wen family have broken up into pieces. So believe it or not, when I heard that Joy might not die, I felt somewhat relieved." Jean paused and looked at Moore, then she asked in a bitter voice,"Do you think I let my deceased mother down?"

Moore shook his head and gave Jean a reassuring smile. "No, Jean. It's completely reasonable to feel that way. Joy must be in a very difficult situation right now since the Wen family have broken up. Imagine having one of your child dead and the other in prison. It is very disastrous for a mother. Besides, you give her the chanc

d their retreating figure, feeling thankful to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

When they walked into the garden, Jean gestured for Moore to be quiet, so they could approach Zed without him noticing. Jean wanted to scare Zed, so they both tiptoed towards them.

Unaware that Jean was already close behind them, Zack spoke to Zed in a serious face.

"Magnolia told me that Christina killed herself because of you. Zed, do you think it's related to the video?"

Zed gave Zack a quick glance before returning his gaze towards the birds washing themselves on the birdbath. He shrugged and said,"I don't know." He shook his head, and with a complicated look, he added. "I have doubted him, but I have no tangible proof."

Jean stopped immediately after hearing what they were talking about. 'Video?'

She thought still stunned about the mention of this once more.

'Everybody thinks it's already over.

No one has spoken about it for a long time, so why did both of them bring it up now?

Even Leo has no news about it until now.

Did Zed really never give up searching for the person behind the scheme?'

Jean looked back to Moore, and they stared at each other in the same confusion.

Moore put on a serious face and pondered. When he looked back at Zed's back, an idea struck him.

According to their conversation, it seemed that Zed and Zack had held some information from everyone.

It was also very likely that they already knew who was behind it, and they couldn't do anything for lack of evidence.

If that was true, then the problem might be serious.

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