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   Chapter 490 May I Ask You A Favor

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8145

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Jean's thoughts were interrupted. She looked at Zed with surprise in her eyes and asked,"Am I that stupid in your eyes?"

"No, I don't mean that. I just thought it was nearly impossible to save Shirley from her death wish. But, You did it. Jean, you truly are amazing!"

Zed complimented her. He was happy inside that he had successfully changed the subject.

"I had almost given up on her. I had never imagined that she would determine herself to die. In my mind, she loves to take advantage of others and use them in all possible ways. But today, for some reason, I really didn't feel good seeing her in such a state. She must have felt she had nothing left to live for. Or else, she wouldn't have tried to commit suicide. It's just that..."

Jean sighed and did not finish her sentence.

"Just what?" Zed asked.

"Just that no matter what, she carried all the hopes of Joy in her life. So in this way, she has to live on with nothing to live for. Zed, may I ask you a favor?"

Jean looked at Zed and suddenly asked after explaining.

"Sure." Zed replied with a nod.

"Can we somehow put off the examination process so that Joy could dress nicely and see Shirley for the last time before she serves her sentence?" Jean pleaded with her eyes fixed on Zed.

"I already told Ian about this." Zed replied slowly, and his tone was solemn.

Seeing Zed's expression, Jean asked,"What's wrong, Zed? What's going on?"

"Joy?turned herself in at this morning, but Ian is facing a big problem," Zed told her. He looked back at Jean and sighed.

"Big problem? What problem is it, Zed? What do you mean by that?" Jean stared blankly and questioned him.

"Your mother's case is more than 20 years old now. All the witnesses are lost and there's not enough evidence. On top of that, no one actually saw Joy poisoning your mother. Even though the case has been filed in the court, it would be tough for Joy to receive a death penalty," he explained

and sighed again.

"You mean without eyewitnesses, we don't have enough evidences to guarantee a death penalty. Am I understanding you correctly?" Jean asked with a strange expression on her face.

"I'm afraid so. Even Charlie and Kate who were involved in this case didn't witness the actual act of the murder. Their testimonies were insufficient to sentence Joy to death." Zed explained and nodded.

"Not even with Joy's own confession? But that doesn't make any sense

might live, but her life would forever be under the roof of a jail," Zed told her.

"Wait! I thought you said there wasn't enough evidence to convict her," Jean asked. She looked at Zed with surprise.

"You heard me right. The evidences we have are not enough to put Joy on the death penalty, but it is enough to convince a jury into a life sentence," Zed explained.

"That being the case, I think I can safely say that I won't feel so guilty with my mother for that. I can live with that." Jean looked happy to hear this. She took a breath and her face finally softened.

"Silly girl!" Zed teased her. He gently rubbed her hair and continued,"It was your kind heart that was happy for Joy to be alive. But Jean, you should be careful. Otherwise people might take advantage of your kindness and softness."

"Take advantage of me?" said Jean. She smiled through her tears, and continued,"Impossible. It's you who I am married to. You would never let it happen!"

"Oh you, what am I going to do with you? One moment, you were crying like a baby. And the next, you are joking," Zed replied in fake exasperation. After a moment, he continued in a softer tone,"Anyway, let's get home and fresh up. And wipe your tears, silly, or else, we'll have to deal with the pile of questions my mother is going to nervously ask after seeing them."

"Will do," Jean nodded. She immediately wiped her face by her hands. It was only then that she saw the tissue Zed had passed to her. She felt shy and stuck her tongue out.

Zed groaned and took it back. But beneath his spurious tiredness was hidden his concern for Jean.

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