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   Chapter 489 I Envy Your Mother's Love For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8803

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Shirley was in the sickbed, and after hearing what Jean had just said, she was more shocked than sick as she gazed at the woman standing in front of her with a complicated expression.

"Don't look at me like that. I never wanted to come here and see you in reality. If I had my way, I wouldn't be here at all." Jean felt somewhat embarrassed by her gaze. "But after your mother begged me so piteously, I agreed to come here and see you for her sake."

"My mother asked you for help?" Shirley was dumbstruck at the fact.

"Yeah." Jean nodded. "She asked so many people for help and no one agreed. Finally, she had no option but to come to us. It is due to her wishes that I asked Zed to come forward and persuade Ian to change your death sentence into life imprisonment. So, Shirley, from now onwards, your life is not only your own. You owe it to your mother too. In fact, you've owed it to her since the day you were born. I suggest you should not try to commit suicide again."

"But don't you hate my mother more than anything in the world? How is it possible that you promised to save my life to the woman in the world you despise the most?" Shirley looked at Jean suspiciously and asked.

"Of course I hate her more than anything!" Jean frankly admitted.

Zed, who was standing by her side, instantly frowned. He was afraid that Jean would tell Shirley the truth after which Shirley might get mad and might even end up hurting Jean.

"But after all, she is a mother and she was willing to beg me to save her daughter against all odds. To be honest, I was really shocked and moved at that time," Jean explained calmly.

"But I still can't believe that you helped me just because you were so moved by my mother's gestures. I mean, was it not you who had sent me to prison? Shouldn't you wish for me to die more than anyone else?" Shirley shook her head and looked at Jean in disbelief.

"Honestly, I don't care whether you are alive or not. For me, the right way to avenge Winner's death is to get you punished by law. Besides, even though neither of us wants to admit it, you are still my sister. And I am not that angry or ruthless to see you die and not make an effort to save your life."

Jean's expressions were unchanged even while she was stating something so sentimental.

"Sister? But I have never treated you as my sister. So I think, in all possible ways, I have failed your affection." Shirley laughed ironically as if she had heard a big joke.

"I don't care. The fact that you can understand your mother's love for you is enough for me," Jean indifferently replied.

Shirley was stunned. A complex

iors more? Is he that scared of Zed?' she was thinking.

"Now that everything's all right, we'll go back." Zed felt Jean's gaze, but he did not say or do anything, neither did his expressions change.

"Let me accompany you to the gate, Mr. Qi," Ian said quickly.

They walked silently all the way to the gate. Until the moment Zed and Jean got into the car and the car started driving away, Ian kept standing outside and waving them goodbye.

Jean retraced her look and again started staring at Zed drive. After frowning and thinking for a long time, Jean asked,"Zed, you seem to be quite familiar with Ian?"

Hearing this, Zed returned her look and sighed. "If you want to ask me anything, just ask me directly."

"I don't think your relationship with Ian is that of an ordinary citizen with the police chief. In fact, it's not even that of friends. Instead, Ian seems to be a little awed of you. So what have you done to make him so afraid of you like this?"

Jean tried to be delicate with her words before she fired the question.

"You're wrong. Ian is not afraid of me." Zed looked at her and smiled helplessly. "I spent three years in the army after I graduated from college. And I made quite a significant number of achievements there. Ian respects me and treats me with courtesy just because of those past achievements."

Zed spoke obscurely, but Jean was thoughtful about what she had heard.

'So what kind of achievements does Zed have that have made Ian treat him with such respect and courtesy?

After all, Ian is so much older than Zed!' Jean thought.

Zed saw her thoughtful expression and secretly changed the subject. "Just now, I was really afraid you would tell Shirley that Joy had come to us and traded with us."

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