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   Chapter 488 Finally You've Come

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9880

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"You've come finally!" said a weak Shirley. It took a great deal of effort for her to just open her eyes and fix them on Jean.

Jean, on the other hand, could hardly take her eyes off Shirley. She took a step closer to her only to get shocked at the sight of a pale fragile Shirley who looked like a ghost of her former self.

It had just been a few days, but Shirley Wen, looked like she was someone else, not the stepsister Jean had grown up with. With a desolate air hanging heavy around her, all life had drained out of Shirleys' face.

Who would believe that this was Shirley Wen, the same Shirley who was known for her being spirited and blazing eyes. Shirley was so frail that it looked she would disappear any time into thin air. Seeing her hardly able to stir, Jean was gripped by mixed feelings in her heart. Still, she tried her best to calm down and stay clear-headed.

"Why did you ask me to come? What do you want?" Jean asked Shirley in a point-blank manner.

"The reason that I asked you to come……" Suddenly Shirley paused mid-sentence. She stared at Jean and then a hint of derisive smile curled the corner of Shirley's lips. She continued,"Because I want to take a good look at you. You must be so happy right now. Am I not right? After all, you've achieved all your goals and you've put me in jail, haven't you? But why did you save me after putting me in jail? Don't you know I'd rather die now? Why not let me die?"

spouted Shirley. As her speech progressed, Shirley's breath became more hurried and her pitch higher.

Seeing the excited expression on Shirley's face, Jean maintained the cool expression on her face. "You should clearly know that I didn't mean to save you," said Jean.

"Then why did you? Are you doing this to torture me? You must be so happy to see all this, am I right?" shouted Shirley all flustered. Shirley finally let her irritation show. She goggled at Jean and added,"Jean Wen, I can't believe that you are so heartless! You even deprive me of the right to end my own life! How can you be so ruthless?"

"This is no way to end your life," replied Jean. She looked Shirley in the eye and added,"If I were you, I'd take my time to recuperate and regain my health. After all, nothing is possible without health. And most importantly, I'd use this time to transform into a better person. In short, live the rest of your life."

"Stop pretending that all of this is out of kindness! I just simply want to end my life. Why are you being so cruel and depriving me of such a humble request," exclaimed Shirley with bitterness written all over her face. Shirley was all flared up at the beginning of her speech, but within minutes, her hard exterior had given way to a helpless crying woman desperate with her plea.

She was in turmoil now and the hopeless look on Shirley's face showed her despair, as if she had given up on seeing the light of the day anymore.

"For me, living in jail is much wo

to your past life and your identity from before. Try to embrace your current life and turn over a new leaf. As long as you learn your lesson and become a better person, those who love you can stop worring about you. Do you understand? You do not live only for yourself, but also for those who love you," replied Jean patiently.

"Those who love me……" repeated Shirley weakly. She was aghast by how Jean thought of herself as superior enough to give her a lecture. Soon, a bitter expression dominated Shirley's face. "I must have let my mother down when she found out that I am the one who killed Winner. She'll never forgive me," said Shirley who sputtered this out between sobs.

"I did not lie to you when I said that Joy has been rushing around to get the opportunity to see you again. She did put a lot of effort in this, however, she failed. Yours is a special case now. The guard who protects your cell are of the highest grade. We wouldn't have had the chance to meet you if you hadn't pushed your luck like this. You better start serving you sentence so that someone can visit you as is allowed for normal prisoners,"

explained Jean.

"Mother……" Shirley was still silently crying wringing in pain. She shed a great amount of tears and looked spent. After gaining some breath, she said,"I've hurt her so much by doing such things. Why does she still want to see me?"

"Do you feel ashamed to see your mother now?" asked Jean, her gaze firmly fixed on Shirley.

"Yes, I can't face her," Shirley shook her head sideways and covered her face in shame. Jean could only see a sorry woman whose shoulders shook violently.

"If you don't want to upset her anymore, just serve a good sentence. And keep in mind that where there is life, there is hope. Even if you do not hope for yourself, you have to give hope to those who love you. At least, your mother will not give up on you. And she wants you to live."

Jean tried to console Shirley earnestly.

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