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   Chapter 487 I Believe You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8235

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"Mother..." Zed glared at Jade, looking extremely pale.

He felt that his mother had started to intervene more and more with his businesses.

"Mother..." At last, Jean couldn't help speaking up. Instead of any anger and embarrassment, Jean had a smile on her face. "I remember that I have explained to you and my father earlier. I accidentally crashed into Moore when he came to the H City. Thereafter, he had been hospitalized. Moore was a stranger in this city. With no one to go to, Zed and I decided to let him stay here."

She continued,"So yes, Moore is my friend. But please don't think our relationship to be something else. Moore and I are purely friends. Nothing more. I am not fearful of your doubt about my relationship with Moore because I know how pure it is. If you really don't want Moore to stay here, then I will go downstairs and explain it to him clearly. He will definitely make some other arrangements. I will tell him that my mother-in-law is doubtful about our relationship."

"You..." Jade looked at Jean with anger and said,"Don't think that I won't ask Moore to move out just because of your words. You shouldn't let a strange man move in if you want the Qi family to be peaceful."

"Mother, how many times do I have to repeat so that you could understand? Moore isn't a stranger. He is my friend," Jean explained patiently, with her gaze fixated on Jade. "I don't care if you believe it or not, but I have explained it to you so many times. I have a clear conscience."

"Do you have a clear conscience? Jean, have you forgotten that you are the daughter-in-law of the Qi Family? Are you doing this to humiliate Zed? You hang out with another man so intimately in public. Have you thought about Zed's feelings?"

Jade questioned her furiously.

"Zed, you tell me. Do you feel uncomfortable and think ill of my relationship with Moore?" Jean involuntarily asked Zed as she amusingly gazed at Jade, who looked very nervous while she waited for Zed's reply.

Zed heaved a gentle sigh as soon as Jean dropped the question. A while later, he replied to Jean in a gentle and low voice,"I believe you! And I believe Moore too!"

The most beautiful smile ran across her face as soon as Jean heard Zed speak those words out. These words brought a tinge of excitement across Jean's eyes.

Jean knew that the man she loved wasn't mean enough to blame her pure friendship.

As for Jade, it was reasonable for her to do this for th

he added,"But I'll be open-minded because I respect you. Perhaps I was doing something wrong. I might accidentally have done something that caused you to misunderstand my relationship with Moore. Therefore, I will not bring you any more worries. I promise to pay more attention the next time."

"Good girl." Jade smiled as soon as she heard Jean's words, and added,"I know that Zed hasn't been wrong to marry you."

"Mother..." A great smile was shown on Zed's face upon hearing Jade's words. He paused and then teased at her,"Previously, you always doubted my decision of marrying Jean."

"As you have indicated, it was 'previously'. Is it important for you to mention that again?" Jade furiously asked on hearing Zed' curiosity.

Word failed Zed. He smiled at Jade awkwardly.

She involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief as she saw that Jade had been relieved. 'The problem is sorted and everything is fine, ' Jean thought.

'Moore, it seems that I really have to keep some distance from you, ' she decided.

She didn't want to bring humiliation to the family.

As for Zed, she was glad to know he trusted her.

Yet the knowledge she had to be careful really worried her.

'You will be subject to greater troubles if you are mistaken by members of the Bai family. In fact, if things get out of hand, then even Zed may end up doubting you, ' Jean warned herself.

There was a huge responsibility on Jean's shoulder right now.

At the thought of all these, Jean heaved a heavy sigh and her mood turned sour. But she turned and noticed a smile on Zed's and Jade's faces. Somehow this scene brought a smile on her face too.

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