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   Chapter 486 I Will Always Take Your Side

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6159

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Jade frowned and glared at Jean as she was dissatisfied. Then, she turned towards Moore and asked," Did you just say that someone in the Bais wants to murder you? And your car was hit yesterday?"

"Yes, Hanley once went to the hospital and insisted that I should never go back home. As for what happened yesterday, I knew that Hanley had paid someone to do his dirty work. I am 100% sure about that. But Edna doesn't seem to admit that Hanley is capable of such acts."

Moore smiled bitterly.

"Of course she won't admit it!" Jade immediately sneered as she heard Moore's words.

"Mrs. Bai always looks so elegant that I didn't expect her to act like this all of a sudden," Moore sighed heavily and then said," I'm sorry that I troubled you! I'll move out as soon as possible. Thank you for your care during my days here."

"You can't move out!" Jean stopped Moore anxiously as soon as she heard him.

Everybody in the house were shocked as they heard Jean shout that command. They all shifted their gaze towards Jean.

Jean got embarrassed and immediately looked at Moore.

'It seems that I caused another trouble, '

thought Jean. Zed sigh heavily as he saw the look on Jean's face. He walked over to Jean, took her hand and looked at Moore. "Moore, Edna knows that you live in our house now. Gary and Hanley would definitely know it too. You don't need to leave because of what happened today. Always remember that we are friends. Jean and I will definitely help you if you don't want to go back home."

"But you heard what Edna said earlier. I don't want to cause any more trouble for you," Moore said because he was worried about Jean and Zed.

'Jade doesn't like me staying here. Even if she doesn't show it, she definitely doesn't like it.

If I stay here any longer, Jean will be in trouble, '

thought Moore. "W

with Zed by her side. Jade stood in front of the window with her back towards the sun. Jean was nervous.

Jean knew what she would ask. At the same time, Jean was worried that she might annoy her mother-in- law.

"Mother, you want to ask about what happened today, right?" said Zed as he took Jean's hand and walked over to Jade.

Jade turned around slowly and looked at them sharply.

As Jade was looking at them, Jean got more nervous.

Zed wrapped his hand around Jean's hand in order to comfort Jean.

"How do you know Moore?" asked Jade coldly as she looked at Jean.

"I already told you that he is my friend," answered Zed, before Jean could say anything.

"Is he your friend or hers?" Jade asked angrily and pointed towards Jean.

"What difference does it make?" Zed saw Jade treating Jean like this, then he stopped smiling and said," Mother! Jean is my wife. My friends are her friends and her friends are my friends."

"You are a fool! Why are you still helping her? Didn't you realize by now that you trusted a wolf to watch over sheep? Despite Moore's identity, he is not any less good than you. Aren't you a little bit afraid that your wife might fall in love with him?"

Jade asked bluntly.

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