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   Chapter 484 Why Is Your Mother So Afraid To Talk About Them

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6957

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"I know that you are Sean's son and I also know who your mother is. Everything is in the past now. So, why is your mother afraid to talk about them? Don't you want to know the truth?"

Edna looked at Zed and questioned him with a smile.

"Since it is in the past, what is the point in mentioning them again? I am not interested in them," Zed said impatiently.

"You are scared of the truth, aren't you?" Edna looked at Zed and said provocatively.

"You are really strange. Zed has told you that he isn't interested in those things. Why do you insist on revealing your so-called truth? Are you trying to afflict everyone in the Qis? Or is it your purpose to make your selfish heart happy?" Jean walked over to Edna with dissatisfaction. There was coldness in her voice.

"I did not expect that Zed's wife would be so eloquent," Edna replied sarcastically. She looked at Jean with a sneer. "How can you derive pleasure from meddling in other's problem? Moreover, who taught you to answer back elders?" she continued.

"As you said, I am Zed's wife. Seeing that you are behaving arrogantly in our house, it is my duty to interfere. I am a member of the Qis. Others may consider you as elegant and noble Mrs. Bai. But today, seeing that you are so selfish and vicious, I finally understand where Hanley got his manners from."

"What did you say? Jean, I advise you not to meddle. Otherwise, the Wens will be in trouble!" Edna's face immediately turned gloomy.

"Are you going to put the Wens in trouble? Finally, you are starting to show your true color. You have already brought trouble to the Qis and now you are behind the Wen family."

Without fear, Jean stared at Edna. She challenged Edna with her eyes.

Edna looked at Jean meaningfully for a while and sneered. "It seems that you are really not afraid…"

"What should I be afraid of?" Jean frowned and said with dissatisfaction. "I know you have been well-prepared and have come here today with a plan. You can play your tricks all you want, but we won't be afraid. I am wondering how mean Mrs. Bai can be."

these words.

She wanted to see Edna's reaction to this. But suddenly Edna laughed out loud. "Jade, you are trying to comfort yourself!"

"I don't need to comfort myself. You are a pathetic woman and that is the truth,"

Jade said with sympathy.

"What did you say?" Edna was annoyed. She looked at Jade straight into the eyes and asked with anger.

"You are a pathetic woman! Didn't you hear me clearly?" Jade repeated without a bit of hesitation.

"Edna, please leave!" Seeing that Jade and Edna were going to argue with each other again, Sean sighed and said,"No matter who fell in love with me first, I only love Jade."

Hearing Sean's words, Edna was greatly affected and became frustrated. She could not believe that Sean had insulted her again.

"No… I don't believe…" Edna shook her head vehemently and looked at Sean with sadness.

To have Sean love her back was a wonderful dream of Edna when she was young. She could not accept that it was destroyed by Sean now.

"What I said is true!" Sean looked at Edna and nodded firmly. "You may be rich and beautiful but my heart only belongs to Jade. I only love Jade. As for you, I have always treated you as my little sister."


Edna was so sad that she looked at Sean and kept shaking her head like she was rejecting the truth. Deep down, she hoped that Sean would tell her what he said was not true.

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