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   Chapter 482 Edna Visited the Qi Family

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6554

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"No, I mean that I have never regretted having known Moore, let alone become his friend. But your family has compromised because of me!" Jean explained in a hurry.

"My family? Don't alienate us like that. My family is your family too. From now on, I don't want you to say such words and think of yourself as an outsider." Zed was displeased upon hearing Jean's words. He added,"I know what you mean. But I don't think things are so serious that you are blaming yourself. Everything will be fine. Edna is neither evil nor a fierce beast. No member of our family is scared of her."

"But it was because of her that this incident took place," Jean replied as she was guilty. Then she added,"Perhaps your parents wouldn't have met Edna if I hadn't gotten acquainted with Moore." Jean was still guilty about what had happened.

"But they still haven't met each other. Maybe Edna doesn't want to see our parents either," Zed replied.

"No, I think Edna surely wants to meet your parents. I know this because she asked you to greet your mother," said Jean in a serious tone.

Zed fell silent as he heard what Jean had said. He knew Jean was right.

But he couldn't stop something from happening.

The only way out of this mess was to watch in silence.

The two of them lay there for some time. When they realised that it was too late, they finally got up. They washed and got dressed to go downstairs.

As they walked into the dining room, they saw Sean, Jade and Moore sitting and talking with each other joyfully.

Zed was a little astonished. He pulled a chair out so that Jean could sit down first and then went to his place. As he sat down, he stared at the three of them.

The atmosphere was a little weird. Although they all looked very happy, something seemed a bit odd.

Zed glanced at Jade anxiously. Jade was talking to Moore happily and enjoying her breakfast.

He was relieved as he saw Jade eating her breakfast happily.


marry Gary? We love each other a lot. Our love story is legendary in not only the Imperial Capital but also H City. Jade, you look quite old! You must have led a very hard life all these years, or else you shouldn't have looked like an aunt. You used to care a lot about your skin."

"Aunt? I am over 50 and old enough to be a grandmother. For me, looking like an aunt is a compliment, which means that I am still gorgeous. But look at you! Edna, you dress yourself like a demon. Who else do you want to seduce? How many innocent people have you hurt all these years?"

Jade said sarcastically.

Edna became angry as she heard what Jade had said.

Sean was anxious as he looked at them quarrelling among themselves, but he thought it was best if he did not interrupt.

He would only be attacked by both women whatever he said.

Hence, he had no choice but to stare at Zed for help.

Zed got worried as he saw them quarreling. He hadn't expected things to get this serious.

Neither Jade nor Edna wanted to compromise and stop the quarrel.

How would things turn out if it went on like that? They would definitely fight if they became angry.

However, Zed didn't know what to do to stop the matter from getting out of hands.

"Mrs. Bai..."

spoke Moore as he saw Zed was embarrassed.

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