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   Chapter 481 Afraid Of Me Being Too Close To You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7600

Updated: 2019-02-25 23:50

Seeing that Jade and Jean were still happily involved in their cheerful chats, Zed couldn't help giving a smile on the two women's bond. He patted her on the shoulder. "Jean, it's already past ten, you should go to bed..."

"Is it that late already?" Jade didn't realize how time had flown. She looked up at Jean and said,"Good heavens, it really is! Jean, you should go to bed now. It's not good for you or your baby to stay up so late."

"All right." Jean nodded, gave a smile to Sean and Jade and bid her goodnight. "Father, mother, bye! I'll go sleep now!"

"Okay." Sean nodded.

"Good night." Jade waved at Jean.

With Zed taking Jean to their bedroom holding her arm, only Jade and Sean were left in the living room.

And not long after, Jade's face turned dark and gloomy and her smile disappeared. She walked back upstairs without a glance at Sean.

Sean merely put on a bitter smile but didn't say anything.

After being married to her for so many years, he knew very well how angry and furious his wife would be if he tried to calm her down when she was in a mood.

Upstairs, as soon as Zed and Jean entered the room, Jean immediately closed the door, sighed, and looked at Zed with a worried glance. "Zed, what do we do? If Mother sees Edna, she is going to be really mad. And if she finds out who Moore really is, especially in the mood she is right now, all hell is going to break loose in the mansion! What do we do? Do we tell her the truth now? Will that stop her from getting angrier later on?"

"No! We can't tell her yet. Though, I've asked father to take extra care that she doesn't find out. Let's just focus on the positive side for this moment and forget what could go wrong." Zed tired to comfort her. "We should not overthink it. It's no use worrying about something that hasn't happened yet. What's bound to happen will happen. Right now, you go take a shower and sleep. I can see how tired you really are after today."

"Okay." Jean agreed immediately. Zed was right. Overthinking would only add to her troubles.

She took out her bathrobe and walked towards the bathroom.

After she had finished showering, she walked back into the bedroom and saw Zed lying on the bed, with his eyes closed.

Pity and guilt flashed through

oser in his arms and whispered in her ears,"Darling, I like the way you woke me up."

'I didn't mean to wake you up like that.'

Jean's face was getting even redder. She looked at him and mumbled,"Honey, since you are awake now, let's get up!"

"There's no need to rush. We rarely get to stay asleep so late. Let's enjoy the moment while it lasts." Zed stopped her from getting up.

Jean didn't want to get up either so she also just let herself be in his arms.

"About last night, I should say sorry." After thinking about it, she told Zed.

"Sorry? About what?" Zed looked at her in surprise. He couldn't understand why she had to say sorry.

"If it wasn't for Moore, we wouldn't have met Edna. It was only last night that I came to know that even her name is a taboo in your family. I'm afraid I may have broken the peace of your family." Jean guiltily apologized.

"Jean, I don't understand what you're talking about." Zed smiled slightly and comforted her. "You mean to say that Moore is your friend and he is involved with Edna. Is that true? I'm telling you Jean. You had nothing to do with that and you couldn't have stopped it from happening. Stop blaming yourself. Don't worry."

"How can you say something like that? Of course, it is my fault!" Jean got anxious and said,"If I hadn't hit Moore, I wouldn't have met him and become friends with him..."

"Stop saying that. If Moore gets to know that, he is going to be upset." Zed interrupted her apology and stopped her from continuing.

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