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   Chapter 480 I Won't Leave

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6781

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Moore was her friend, and Edna was Moore's stepmother.

The Qi family would never be at peace if Jade found out Moore's identity.

'What should I do?' thought Jean.

As Jean thought of that, she suddenly felt anxious and looked at Zed.

Zed was worried about this matter too. He sighed gently and fixed his gaze on Jean. Then he turned to look at Sean.

Sean had known Moore's identity, so he was the only one that could handle the situation at the moment.

However, Sean only cared about Jade. He didn't realize that Zed was looking at him.

Sean had tried his best to calm Jade down. He sighed when he saw Jade was no that angry. He looked up and realized that both Zed and Jean were staring at him. It really confused him.

It was not until Zed tipped him a wink that he understood what Zed meant.

Sean felt pity for Jade as he saw her gloomy face. He hesitated for a while and then asked,"Jade, as you don't want to see Edna, should we go back to the Imperial Capital first? Zed and Jean will go back to the Imperial Capital soon too. When that time comes, we can ask them to stay for a couple of days."

Suddenly, Jean and Zed sighed in relief.

The two of them felt happy that they had told Sean about Moore's identity. If not, the situation would become tougher without Sean at their side.

"Why should I go back? Do I have to avoid her just because she has come back? Do you think that I am scared of her? Why?"

Jade said angrily.

Both Zed and Jean were suddenly shocked because they had not expected Jade to say something like that. For a moment, they didn't know what to do.

'It is true that my mother would find it quite impossible to keep her distance from Edna after she knows that Edna has come back.

After all, it was Edna who had to apologize. How could my mother distance herself from her?'

thought Zed. He suddenly felt his headache.

"You can stay if you want to. No one will tell you otherwise." Sean had expected those words to be said by Jade. With a blank face, he sigh


"Okay!" Sean nodded and then continued,"Don't worry! Your mother won't do anything if Edna really comes here."

"The problem is not my mother," Zed said seriously. "20 years have passed. You know who Edna really is. She won't have to do anything, yet many people would do the work for her. I am not sure what she thinks about the previous incident. But I suggest you to be careful at all times."

"Zed, you think that Edna might get angry at what happened in the past and get even with us, just because she is powerful now?" Sean suddenly frowned.

"This is how I've put it together. After all, Moore is at our home now." Zed sighed.

He didn't know what the incident in the past was about, so he had let Moore move into their house without thinking too much.

Edna would complicate things even more if she supported Hanley, her biological son.

Zed still hoped that he was overthinking.

He saw Edna today and he concluded that Edna was well-educated, although she gave birth to Hanley, who dealt with Moore cruelly.

This made Zed quite upset.

"Okay, I know what you mean." Sean immediately understood what Zed meant and so he nodded. "I will pay close attention to that."

"Hmm." Zed had to explain everything before he could sigh in relief.

As it was too late, the two of them stoppep talking and walked to the ladies.

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