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   Chapter 478 Bound To Know What Happened

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7482

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"Yes, they do. As soon as Moore arrived in H City, the Bai family got the news." Zed nodded his head as he added,"But Moore doesn't want to go back to the Bai family at any cost. Gary wants him to return to the family, but not every member of the Bai family feels the same way. Anyway, the whole thing is quite complicated which is why we have asked Moore to stay in our house. This way, he can avoid being bothered by the Bai family."

"Don't let your mother know about Moore's identification," Sean warned Zed. He felt it wasn't right to inform her now and decided that keeping it away from her was the best thing to do.

"Of course. That's why I am telling you about this in private. Please shed some light on what happened between mother and Edna so that we can find the best solution to this problem. Besides, as long as Moore lives here, we have to deal with the Bai family."

Zed put on a bitter smile and waited for Sean's opinion.

Suddenly, Jean decided to do the talking. She echoed Zed's idea. "Yeah, father. Moore is alone in H City and he doesn't have any friend here. He can only rely on us now."

"Okay. I get your point, so relax. I won't drive him away." As he heard Jean's words, Sean gave a sigh. He added with a complicated look,"Actually, you both are bound to know what happened between your mother and Edna. So I might as well just tell you about it."

Upon hearing that Sean was going to tell them what happened, Jean couldn't help but get nervous. Her heartbeat quickened and she felt fidgety.

"Jean, sit down first." Zed saw Jean has been standing beside him so he asked her to sit down. He realized that Jean was nervous as her fists were clenched tightly.

"Sure." Hearing Zed's words, Jean nodded as she held Zed's hand and sat down on the couch.

Sean saw the sweet couple in front of him and recalled something buried deeply in his heart. "Zed, you could have had a younger sister. When you were four years old, your mother was pregnant and so delighted about it. She was really careful during that period. So when Edna called her at midnight and claimed that she was drunk at the bar, it's me who picked Edna's call instead of your mother. Your mother was sound asleep.

Edna grew up with y

etely lost it. Finally, Jade turned around and ran downstairs. I was so anxious that I reached my hand to hold her back. But your mother lost her balance and slipped down the stairs. When she finally stopped rolling at the end of the stairs, she was lying in her own blood."

Sean couldn't help but sob as he tried to suppress his emotions. The scene of Jade lying on the ground was crystal clear on his mind.

Zed and Jean reached out their hands and patted him on the back lightly to soothe him. However, they had no idea what to say.

Misunderstandings always happen. They knew that nothing they said would soothe his pain.

"When we arrived at the hospital, the baby was already dead. Your mother looked at me as if she had lost her soul. She didn't say anything except stay still like a statue. Edna visited her and apologized after she heard about the incident. But Jade ignored her completely. The sight of Edna repelled her. Seeing your mother so pale, Edna got angry and planned to provoke your mother.

Edna told Jade that if Jade was not going to get better soon, Edna would just take her husband and her son, leaving her alone with the memory of her unborn baby. Edna was already well known in Imperial Capital for her bad reputation. She didn't mind being evil one more time. Instead, all she wanted was to help her friend. And your mother got angry at once. She summoned all her energy and drove Edna out of the ward. From then on, Jade refused to see Edna ever again.

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