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   Chapter 477 We've Got Nothing To Do With The Bai Family

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"Okay." Jade nodded. She patted Jean's shoulder and told her,"Take your time, dear. Eat your soup and savour the taste. I'll be back in a while."

"Okay," Jean nodded in affirmative. She kept on drinking her soup even as she glanced at Zed and his mother go into a corner with a smile.

The two of them came into the living room where Sean was sitting on the couch watching TV.

He cast a swift, cursory glance at them and turned his attention back to the TV, without asking them anything.

"What is it, Zed? What do you wanna say?" Jade asked her son directly without any formalities.

"Jean and I discussed about it, and we decided that if Father and you want to stay over for a few more days, then we'll be glad to have you over," Zed replied with his eyes fixed on Jade.

"What made you change your mind? I thought you were worried that we might disturb your privacy?" Jade asked in surprise. It was unusual to see her son change a decision so quickly.

"To be honest, Mother, this is Jean's idea. She wants you two to stay for a few more days." Zed frankly told her the truth. "Look, I wanted you to leave because you kept nagging us about having a baby, and I was worried that it would add to the burden that Jean was carrying in her emotions. But just now, I saw the two of you getting along so well that even I was envious. You know that she lost her mother in her childhood. I think it will be good for her to have you stay and take care of her. And I will feel more at ease knowing that someone is watching out for her."

"I can stay if you want, Zed. But what is going on? Why is this Moore guy staying here too?" Jade said with apparent disapproval. "When your father and I are gone, then Jean will live in this house with him alone. A young woman and a young man alone in one house. Are you sure you're okay with that?" Jade was really worried and suspicious.

"Mother, there is nothing to worry about." Zed burst out laughing. "Moore is a very good friend and we both trust him very much. He is quite a gentleman, if I may say so myself. Besides, Jean's car ran into him and he had to stay in the hospital for a very long time. He just got out of hospital a few days ago and is not really recovered yet. We both thought it was best for him to stay over so that he can recuperate and we can feel less guilty of hurting him by taking care of him."

Hearing Zed's explanation, Jade's face softened. "Nevertheless, son, you've got to be more cautious in today's world. And no! Don't say that I am nagging. The human heart is complicated and hard to understand. Even if you do trust h

e too. You stay away from Edna if you don't want to hurt your mother." Sean was indecisive whether to tell them more or not.

They could see that Sean wasn't joking and they glanced at each other with intrigue. What could've happened all those years ago?

Since they had met Edna today because of Moore, odds were they would be seeing her quite a lot these days.

What they were most worried about now was that Edna had agreed to account for the accident to Moore tomorrow. And Moore was staying in this house. What would happen then?

Zed's and Jean's expression changed.

"Father, what happened between them?" Zed watched Sean and asked again. "I know you don't want to mention it, but I am really worried after seeing Mother so angry. Besides, I don't want to keep a secret from you too. Do you still remember the lost son of the Bai family?"

"We've got nothing to do with the Bai Family. Why do you mention them right now?" Sean frowned and stared at Zed.

When everything had happened, Zed was really small. Chances are, he wouldn't have remembered anything about it. The Bai Family's son was lost and the Qi Family was in the Imperial Capital at that time. They had helped them search for him.

So how could Sean forget it?

"Moore is the lost son of the Bai family." Zed heaved a deep sigh and finally told him with a gloomy expression.

"What did you say?!" Sean was shocked and couldn't believe what he was hearing. He asked Zed to repeat his words in a trembling voice.

Zed nodded sorrowfully, confirming what he had said.

Sean finally took in the information and closed his eyes for a while.

When he opened his eyes again, he asked with a complicated expression,"Does the Bai family know about it?"

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