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   Chapter 476 I Can't Help You In This Matter

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8897

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"Do you really find it hard to meet him?" What she heard really shocked Jean. She looked at Zed first in amazement, then gave a cursory glance to Moore.

Suddenly, she smiled, as if something had dawned on her. "Zed, I know that you can help me, can't you?"

"I'm sorry, Jean. I can't help you in this matter!" Zed looked at her and shook his head, denying her belief. "I have never had any dealings with him. And even though I have met him once, I was only a child at that time. If you think that we are friends, then you're mistaken. So, I am sorry that I cannot help you meet him."

"What do you mean? Even you can't help me?" This was the first time Zed was saying that he couldn't help her and Jean was really shocked. This was unlike Zed.

"Yes. I am sorry. I can't do anything about it. Too many bodyguards surround him and he is well protected. If any stranger tries to get near him, he is going to be thrown away like a rag doll in a matter of seconds. He is almost untouchable." Zed sighed.

"You're right, Zed." Jean suddenly seemed to have an idea. "You can't. But Moore can help me get through to him. As long as I go with him, no one will stop me from meeting Gary." Jean's eyes brightened and she suddenly became excited as if she was proud to have come up with such a great idea.

"Why do you want to meet Gary? After all, Edna has already said that she will give us an answer tomorrow." Seeing her so insistent on meeting Gary, Moore could not help asking her with a puzzled look.

"To be honest, I don't believe her." Jean replied frankly,"Hanley is her son. And from the way he behaves, we can easily draw the conclusion that he is a spoiled brat, which means he's pampered. So, I don't believe that Edna will really try to punish him."

What Jean was saying was impressively perceptive. Moore gave her three cheers inside his heart.

He knew what Jean meant. Hanley was a spoiled brat. But it wasn't Edna who had spoiled him. What mattered was the fact that

among all spoiled children ever, Hanley was undoubtedly the craftiest!

Even though Gary was remarkably powerful and knowledgeable, he still couldn't guarantee Moore's safety. He already knew that Hanley would cause too much trouble to Moore and make his life a living hell.

And he couldn't have stopped Hanley by punishing him

because the person who had actually spoiled Hanley was his own mother, who was eighty years old and was always threatening him with her life.

Moore clearly knew and understood everything about the Bais. With that sort of knowledge, he did not expect any good from them and didn't want to get close to them.

Seeing that Jean was

had misunderstood Jean. She has lacked mother's love since her mother passed away and that has made her lonely. Therefore, she has been longing for mother's love

What's more, Jean is pregnant now, which has made her more sensitive.

I was wrong to think that she was just like any other woman.

I am sure there won't be any conflicts between Jean and mother.

"Zed! Jean! I am tired now. I am going to the bedroom. Hopefully, I will get some rest." Moore was sleepy and he couldn't stay out any longer.

"Okay. Good night." Jean looked at him and smiled.

"Good night." Moore nodded to Zed and Jean, and then went upstairs. There were several thoughts besides rest on his mind.

'Too many things have happened today, and I don't have that much tolerance. I must think carefully about them and organize my thoughts now.

Besides, Jade has arrived now. I should let Jean have some time with her and create a strong bond and some happy memories.'

When Zed and Jean walked into the dining room, Jade was already walking towards them with a bowl of tepid chicken soup in her hand. "Jean, hurry up! Drink the chicken soup and don't let it get cold. It's good for both your health and the baby's."

Jean immediately smiled happily. "Thanks, mother."

"Jean, dear! You don't have to thank me!" Jade smiled. "We are family. You don't need to get all formal and polite with me."

It made Zed really happy to see that his mother and wife were getting along so fine.

This wasn't usually what happened in households and he was glad he didn't have to deal with such affairs.

Seeing that Jean was completely focused on drinking chicken soup, Zed asked Jade who was standing right next to Jean with a smile,"Mother, come here, please. I want to talk to you."

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