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   Chapter 475 Help You Get Justice

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6015

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As Zed saw the look on Moore's face, he knew what Moore was up to so he shook his head slightly.

Moore turned towards Jean as Zed didn't answer him.

"My son?" Edna acted as if she didn't understand what Jean meant. She turned towards Jean curiously.

"Wasn't Hanley your son?" Jean had always hated women with an affected air like Edna so she asked.

"What's wrong with Hanley?" Edna was stunned and asked anxiously as soon as she heard what Jean said.

Jean knew that Edna was just pretending not to know anything at all.

She looked at Edna and observed her silently.

Edna's acting was real and she actually looked innocent in front of so many people in the ward.

"Then what are you doing at the hospital?" Jean was displeased and so she asked,"Don't tell me that you heard Moore is at the hospital and you have come to visit him?"

"It's true! I just arrived from Imperial Capital and heard that Mr. Moore Bai was at the hospital. As a family member of Bai, I had to come to visit him!"

Edna replied without any hesitation.

Jean took a deep breath, looked closely at Edna and turned towards Moore.

Moore shook his head slightly.

Jean got angry and sneered. She looked at Edna and said,"Did you just arrive from Imperial Capital? And you already heard that Moore was in H City? Should I admire your sources? Or should I mock your sources because the news they delivered is outdated? Moore got out of the hospital a long time ago. He was only here because of your son, Hanley! Hanley hired a car to hit our car on the road. We are lucky that Moore wasn't injured badly. Or I won't have let you get away with this."

Jean uttered those words in anger.

As she thought about the car accident, she suddenly got angry.

Jean had decided to make it clear whether Edna

stay at home at all times?"

"Jean, I know you care about me. But this is not that serious," Moore comforted Jean,"and Edna will give us an answer soon. She is the woman of her words. She will definitely question Hanley. We might get an answer by tomorrow." It was just an answer...

It might not be what they were expecting.

Moore smiled sarcastically at first and then the smile faded.

Zed saw Moore's smile fade away. He looked at Moore deeply and then was lost in thoughts.

"Really?" Jean doubted that as she looked at Moore.

"Of course!" Moore nodded and added,"Look! The three of us are here. Even if she doesn't want to, she will give us an answer because of Zed."

"All right! I believe you this time. And I'm looking forward to what she is going to say tomorrow. If I'm not pleased with whatever she says, then I'll go and find Gary," Jean said.

"What?" Zed was speechless for a second and then he added,"Do you really think that Gary is so easy to find?"

"Is he that hard to find?" Jean asked curiously.

"Well, I've heard that it's not easy to get in touch with him. You only get a chance to meet him if he decides to meet you," Zed reminded her as he sighed.

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