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   Chapter 474 Why Do I Sense Hostility

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7493

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"I'm all right." Henry shook his head and gave a sigh. He looked at Jean and asked,"Take me to visit your mother tomorrow..."

Henry didn't finish his words but they all understood what he wanted to say.

Jean was surprised to see Henry's serious and firm look. She stood dazed for a second and then slowly nodded her head. "Okay." Jean couldn't help but agree to Henry's request.

Zed took a look at Henry and Jean only to realize that Jean was as stubborn as Henry. 'Maybe that's what we call gene, ' he thought.

"You can go home now! It's too late and I need to have some rest," Henry said trying to look annoyed. He moved his face away from them and closed his eyes.

Jean didn't know why she felt a little sad seeing his reaction.

She couldn't help but take a look at Henry before she headed out.

After closing the door quietly, Zed caught up with Jean. In a concerned voice, he asked,"Are you feeling sorry for him?"

"No. I did what I needed to do. He's supposed to apologize to my mother and admit his fault," Jean replied, denying any feelings for Henry.

"But he didn't do it on purpose," Zed retorted back. Thinking more, Zed added,"He was fooled by Joy. And he didn't expect that Joy would set it all up. Jean, you yourself watched him faint as he heard the truth. It indeed was a heavy strike for him.

He has suffered more than you know. Even if Joy had fooled him for so long, he must care about Joy as they kept each other company for such a long time. He's supposed to look after Joy even if he doesn't love her. Now he finally gets to know the real Joy. This must've been hard for him. He has lost Winner and Shirley earlier and now he learnt the bloody truth of the past. Besides, Joy is going to leave. Henry is actually the most pathetic person right now."

"Zed, are you speaking for him?" Jean got angry as she heard what Zed just said.

"Jean, even if you hate him, did you notice that his hair has turned white already? He has suffered much recently. It's true that he deserved all of this for misunderstanding your mother. But..."

Zed didn't manage to finish his words as Jean interrupted him.

"Stop it. Even if you speak for Henry, I won't forgive him. And I won't stop him from visiti

at are you looking for?"

"Why do I sense hostility?" Edna asked as she heard Jean's impolite tone.

"Why do I have to be polite to you? Since you are here in the hospital, you must have known what your son has done, right? Do you still think there's any reason that I should be polite to you? I am lucky that I didn't die because your son could have easily killed me," Jean said with anger flaring out of her eyes.

"Jean..." Zed interrupted Jean at once when he arrived at the door and heard what Jean had just said.

They were suspicious of Hanley but they still had no evidence yet hence Zed didn't want Jean to take any rash action.

At the moment, Zed was worried as he was not willing to see Jean put herself in danger.

Zed was aware that Jean had the tendency of acting without thinking.

Moreover, Jean was in a sour mood today and wouldn't mind taking her anger on Edna who happened to show up at the moment.

On the other hand, Moore got anxious as well and then turned to Jean with a pleading look.

'What's wrong with Jean?

Why is she so angry?

She is aware that Edna has a powerful background. Why is she trying to offend Edna so saucily?

What is going on with Jean?' Moore's mind was jumbled with questions.

Moore couldn't help but think silently as he looked at Jean's angry face. Slowly, he turned to Zed.

'Jean left with Zed but now she is back looking annoyed. They don't seem happy at all.

Did anything happen between them?' He wondered.

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