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   Chapter 473 Repeat Your Words

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7253

Updated: 2019-02-22 16:58

"What did you say? Please repeat your words!" Henry couldn't help but ask. He shockingly got off the bed and stopped right in front of Joy. He had his eyes wide open and stared straight into hers.

Watching Henry's reaction, Joy swallowed the bile that was rising on her throat. She had never expected such a reaction.

She took a look at him and then repeated her words. With fear-stricken face, she explained all her previous mistakes.

Jean leaned closer to Zed as she couldn't bear hearing those disgusting words spoken again. Sadness took over her and she wept quietly.

'Mother, did you see that?

I managed to clear your name.

What will the man you loved so deeply think now?

No matter what he thinks, I will never forgive him. He chose not to believe you. Instead, he believed the lies which Joy fed him. I can never forgive him for that!

Originally I didn't plan to let him know the truth, but I didn't want your name to be stained. Everybody deserves to know the truth.

Besides, Joy is going to turn herself in tomorrow. It's more persuasive to let Henry hear the truth from Joy.

Mother, you can rest in peace now, '

Jean thought silently and tried to bring a smile back onto her face. With her head placed on Zed, she felt better. The weight on her shoulder had just lifted.

Zed supported and comforted Jean by tightly hugging her with his arms. He hated seeing her sad and wanted to put a full stop to her sorrows.

The silent room suddenly awakened with a sharp noise. Henry had placed a sharp slap on Joy's face. It echoed in the extremely quiet ward.

Jean was startled with the sound and she looked up. The scene in front of her was that of Joy covering her red cheek with her hand. Suddenly, Joy let out a loud cry. Humiliation was written all over her face. It was evident that she didn't expect this slap.

As for Henry, he was standing before Joy and staring at her with his eyes widely opened. He accused Joy angrily in a cold voice. "I can't believe that the woman who has slept beside me for all these years is a murderer. Joy, you are so evil. You not only killed Yvette but also ill-treated Jean. How can you be so

too much in the jail. You know our daughter. She has lived a fun-filled life. I'm really worried that she might not survive this harsh jail atmosphere.

It's all my fault. I'm not a good mother so she ended up like this. Henry, please forgive Shirley for what she did since I've kept you company for twenty years. This is the least you can do for me,"

Joy begged and begged. Her pleading eyes looking at Henry, she cried.

Henry didn't reply a word to Joy. Feeling nothing but hatred, he moved his eyes away from her face.

Not getting Henry's answer, Joy felt disappointment surge through her.

She took a deep look at Henry and then covered her mouth with her hand as she rushed out of the ward.

Upon hearing the sound of the door closing, Henry trembled and his face turned even paler.

"You just woke up. Do you need the doctor to check you up?" Zed asked with concern in his voice.

Henry was surprised to hear that and took a look at Zed. Then his pale eyes fixated on Jean's face.

It seemed that Henry held back words deliberately and a hint of sorrow flashed from his eyes.

Jean moved away her eyes quickly as she couldn't bear to meet his eyes. Something about his look made her feel discomfort.

Although this was not how Jean wanted things to go, she had always waited for this day. Her biggest wish was to see guilt in his eyes.

Yet now that the day had finally come, it filled her with an uneasy feeling.

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