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   Chapter 472 What Do You Mean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7954

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"Are you really sorry? Have you realized that you are wrong and realized it actually? Because the way I see it, Winner is dead now, and Shirley is in prison. Can it be so that you see no hope of a future in the Wen Family and so only want to save your company through me?"

Jean glared at him coldly and asked in an icy tone.

Even after all that they had been through, Henry still hadn't expected Jean to be so intuitive and therefore, was embarrassed when she revealed his true intentions right in front of Zed. He hurriedly tried to make up. "Of course not! You're my daughter!"

"Then why did you treat me so ruthlessly and indifferently before all this happened? Was I not your daughter at that time? What made you change your attitude like that? Henry, forget it! I can never forgive you. It's impossible!" Jean said in a tough tone.

"Why? Jean, even though you hate me, I am still your father!" To Henry, Jean was being stubborn and idiotically ruthless now. Ironically, it was annoying for him to see his own daughter so cruel to himself.

"Whether I forgive you or not is my choice. And you may be my biological father but that doesn't give you the right to force me to accept you. I decide that as well. So there's no point in saying these words." Jean was no longer looking at Henry. She was busy leaning her head against Zed's shoulder and closing her eyes in an effort to feel peaceful and happy.

"You…" Henry was too annoyed and angered to complete his sentence properly.

"Are you tired?" Zed had noticed the tiredness in her voice and couldn't help asking.

"It doesn't matter. I am still fine." Jean wrapped her arms around Zed's waist and comfortably leaned against his body.

It does waste quite a lot of energy when one argues with Henry.

"If that is the case and you don't want to forgive me, why are you here?" Seeing that Jean was so stubborn and didn't want to compromise, Henry was annoyed.

"I naturally came here with my own purpose." Without opening her eyes, Jean replied in a sarcastic tone.

Henry was about to shout angrily in response. He had had enough now. But seeing that Zed was standing right next to Jean, he could only close his mouth in dissatisfaction.

'There's nothing for me to do but to wait and see what happens.'

Henry didn't have to wait long. Very soon, he heard the voice of high heel shoes hitting the

ave to listen to us!"

Seeing that Jean so stubborn, Henry finally knew that it would be useless to continue resisting. Finally, he had to compromise. "Well. Be quick! I am really tired and I want my rest!"

After saying that, he leaned on the bed and closed his eyes.

Jean glanced at him coldly, looked at Joy and nodded slightly to her. "Start now!"

Joy seemed hesitant, but she had no other choice. At that moment, she was thinking of Jean's words once again. "As long as you admit your mistakes in front of Henry, I will help Shirley and make sure she receives special care while she is in prison.

'Special care…'

Thinking of this, Joy compromised her own feelings once again and decided to speak up. It was true that she was reluctant to tell Henry about her own crimes.

However, to save her daughter, she had no other choice.

And after all, this was the last thing she could do for Shirley.

"Henry, I am sorry." Joy suddenly knelt on the floor and looked at him with grief and regret filling her eyes and face.

Hearing the noise, Henry was shocked and immediately opened his eyes.

Seeing Joy crying, he was stunned for a while.

"I am sorry. I used some really bad means to get close to you in the past. And what I did caused a lot of misunderstandings between you and Yvette. It was those things I did which destroyed your marriage!"

Joy finally accepted her crimes and started crying bitterly, astounding Henry to a great extent. This was the first time he had seen her cry this bad and it looked believable. 'What is going on?' Henry thought.

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