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   Chapter 470 Who Else Could It Be

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 14153

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"What the hell, guys? You are all still so young, and a long life ahead of you! So how dare you intentionally hit someone else's car? Do you really want to die? Aren't you afraid of death? Do you think you all are Iron Man? Well, guess what? I think you all are just mad men! Have you ever thought about what your family would be like if something happened to you? Do you have any brains at all? If you really want to die, don't include other people!" Finally, Jean let go of the man's collar with a hard push. She gave them a vicious look before stepping out of the van.

As soon as she stepped out of the van, she walked over to Toby who looked at her as if she wasn't easy to deal with. "Take over, Toby. Ask them information about their boss or whoever sent them to hit our car. Make sure you get something out of those scumbags," Jean instructed.

"Yes, Mrs. Jean," Toby said with a nod.

After ordering Toby, Jean stepped aside and felt like retching. She had been feeling like wanting to gag as the scent of fresh blood filled the air, making her stomach uncomfortable.

In addition, her heart almost jumped out of her chest from the violent impact moments ago.

She turned toward the fence and retched. After a while of trying to vomit, nothing came out. Then she remembered that Moore was still in their car, so she hurriedly moved towards the car, despite the feeling of wanting to retch.

As she hastily walked, Jean felt downtrodden by the fact that Moore was injured again. She could not help but scold herself and yell profanities in her mind. 'Oh, was I jinxed? Or am I just a magnet of unfortunate events?

I can't believe that Moore always had some bad luck ever since he met me, considering that he always gets into accidents whenever he is with me. What's wrong with me?' She stopped and heaved a deep sorrowful sigh before walking again.

Jean thought about the previous events and how they just came to pick up Moore's luggage. It would have been easy as well if they just merely met Gary, but how could they also meet a group of outlaws?

'Wait! Now that we had met Gary first, then it is certainly not a coincidence for that group of people to appear as well...' Jean's train of thought was interrupted as she already reached the car.

She shook her head and sighed once more before getting in their car. She looked at Moore with a completely worried look. "Moore, I know this is insensitive of me to ask, but how are you feeling now?

Toby already called an ambulance. Just keep holding on, okay? I'm sure help will be here any moment now."

Seeing how worried Jean was of him, Moore gave her an assuring smile. "I'm all right." He paused and tried to sit up. His eyebrows furrowed, and a few grunts were heard as he moved. Jean looked more worried seeing Moore in pain. He then looked at her once more with a reassuring smile. "I was only stabbed by a few pieces of broken glass. Don't worry. It's just a minor injury. As long as we go to the hospital to get the wound dressed, I'll be fine."

Jean's sorrow faded a bit. Hearing Moore's words, she heaved a sigh of relief.

But then she frowned again, making Moore confused. "I'm sorry. If you haven't been there to protect me, I would also have been stabbed. However, if I hadn't accompanied you here, you might not have gotten hurt. I'm sorry, Moore, for getting you in trouble." Jean couldn't look at Moore, now that she was starting to feel guilty.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Moore replied at once, feeling strength regaining inside of him. "To be honest, you got involved into this accident because of me. I am the target of these people today, so don't you ever feel sorry or guilty about it. For all we know, I'm supposed to be the one apologizing for getting you involved in the middle of all this."

Jean's eyes widened in surprise and confusion. "What do you mean you're the target? How did you know?"

Moore snorted coldly, looking out of the window with a hint of anger in his eyes. "Isn't it obvious?"

'It's obvious?' Jean's eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she thought. 'Why did Moore say that? Hmm... Today... we have only seen... Gary? Oh, my God! Is it Gary? How could Gary kill off his own son? Didn'

ep look at the van in front of him without any other word or sound.

Jean suddenly found the silence enveloped over them uncomfortable, so she turned to Moore and asked, breaking it. "What are you thinking about, Moore?"

"Well, I was just wondering if someone has been following me all this time. Otherwise, why did Gary appear as soon as we arrived at Harkin Garden? It is suspicious that even Hanley was able to send someone to attack us."

Moore's face turned into a deep frown. He didn't break his gaze off the van while saying these.

Jean thought about it for a moment. After a while, she nodded. "It is very likely. If that's the case, then it seems that we should have more alert in the future."

The ambulance finally arrived not long after.

Jean followed Moore all the way to the hospital. She sat on the bench in the corridor outside of the room while she waited for the doctor to treat Moore's wound.

The police also dropped by to check and take notes of the previous events. Jean was careful not to tell any speculations, and only told them what had really happened. After everything was dealt with, Jean hadn't noticed that the sun had already set, and it was now getting dark slowly.

Jean's stomach growled in hunger, so she placed her hand on her belly. She hadn't noticed Zed who was rushing towards her anxiously. His eyes widened as he noticed Jean's hand was on her belly.

"Oh my God, Jean, did you get hurt?" Zed asked and checked her up and down as soon as he got near her. God knew how his heart stopped beating after he received the news of what had happened. Jean was stunned seeing Zed for a moment before feeling relief rush inside her.

"I'm fine, Zed" Jean comforted him quickly, holding Zed's hands to stop him from looking for any sign of injury on her. "Moore has protected me from getting any injuries."

Zed placed a hand on his forehead. "Oh, thank goodness!" He immediately embraced Jean into a hug, relieved that his wife wasn't placed in any danger. Then again, he realized what Jean had said and frowned. After they broke off from the hug, Zed looked at Jean and asked with a worried look again,"How is Moore doing? He didn't get any serious injuries, did he?"

Seeing that Zed's expression turned extremely gloomy, Jean responded hastily,"He was stabbed by glass debris, and the doctor is dressing his wound inside, but don't worry, it wasn't too deep. It is also fortunate for us that our car is strong. The van that collided into our car was badly damaged, but all we had were the front windshield shattered and a little paint scraped. I am really thankful that the car protected us somehow. It seems that your money did not go to waste, Zed."

She suddenly feared that Zed would start feeling anger, so she tried to please him by adding a faint chuckle.

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