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   Chapter 468 I've Got You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7804

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Gary's face turned pale and his body shuddered under the weight of rejection. He seemed waif-like and staggered by a step behind in order to reclaim his balance.

This was too much of a pitiable sight for Jean. Seeing the old man tremble in front of her son, she unwillingly felt incredibly sorry for him.

Instinctively, she reached out with her hand to hold back the falling old man and cried,"Be careful!..."

The words were out of her mouth before Jean even realized what she was doing. In a jiffy, the truth hit home and she gasped with disbeilief.

Oh no! What had she done? She was a friend of Moore but was clearly siding with the person who had ruined Moore's life.

She was a person without a moral compass. She couldn't differntiate between right and wrong. Maybe, she wasn't good enough to be Moore's friend.

Jean in a flash of guilt and worry stole a glance at Moore.

Nothing had escaped Moore. He noticed Jean's unusual behavior and his eyes met her guilt-stricken face as she sneakily tried to read his emotions. Seeing Moore observe her support towards Gary, Jean's heart sank into her stomach. Covering it up, she sheepishly smiled at him.

Finally, Moore shook his head slightly at her, telling her that it was okay. His consideration relieved Jean.

Moore could read her emotions even when so much was going for him. Jean was not only grateful to him but realized what a special friend he was. She barely nodded at him in gratitude.

Gary had caught on the unspoken emotions that the two had just exchanged. But he was surprised.

'Isn't she Zed's wife?'

After learning that Moore was living with the Qi family ever since he got discharged, Gary thought that perhaps Moore was close with Zed. To his total surprise, Moore had closer relations with what he could only guess as Zed's wife instead.

Gary stared at how Jean was holding Moore all this while with a complex expression on his face. Finally, when Gary stood at ease, he took a long glance at Jean and then said,"Thank you…"

Jean hadn't expected Gary to thank her and she could hardly hide her surprise. She smiled and said,"Mr. Bai, you are welcome. I haven't done anything really. So no thanks."

"Thank you for showing concern for me." Gary's face softened a lot. He looked at a quiet Moore longingly, who was insistent on sta

t her muddle their confrontation.

"I want you to become my child's godfather because of your talents and insights." Jean improvised with quick wits about her, but after she uttered the words, she felt what she said wasn't groundless. "I began admiring you ever since I heard you got a DBA. You see, among the people I know, the ones that have got an MBA or a DBA, are so ancient that they belong in a museum. None of them was like you."

Her eyes searched for some twitch of muscle on Moore's face as an indication of his acceptance of what she had just said. Seeing him look sterner instead of brighter, she stopped and chuckled awkwardly,"Alright. I admit that those who get a doctorate are just in their thirties nowadays. But they do look like old men to me. Moore, you are young, talented and with natural grace. I really admire you."

"I am not that great," Moore finally opened his mouth to say with some hesitance. "Zed's education and insights are not a little lower than mine. And his success is obvious to all. He should be the object of your admiration."

"Okay, I will say you two are neck and neck." Jean didn't care to compare the two of them. "So you see, Zed is also an excellent man. However, I just graduated from some "diploma mill" and there is a wide gap between us. Luckily I know you. You are my best friend. After the kid grows up, he or she won't think I am so lousy compared to Zed just because of you. At least I'd have you as my excellent friend. I've got you!"

Jean flashed him a big, broad smile.

I've got you!

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