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   Chapter 466 You're Overthinking This

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5599

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"You're overthinking this. Do you really think that our son will let Moore live in his home if there is anything between them?" Sean answered.

"How can you be so sure? You know that Zed is a workaholic. He is home only for a limited amount of time. I'm afraid there is something cooking between these two."

Jade furrowed her brows having a misgiving about them spending this much time together.

Sean saw how worried Jade looked. "Why are you becoming anxious over this? Firstly, this is their private matter. Why don't you understand when Zed tells you to keep to yourself?! No wonder Zed wants to drive you away."

"You are to blame." In a flash, a thought struck Jade. She had an inkling of the root cause of the whole drama that had ensued with Zed earlier. She asked,"Did you say anything to Zed? Otherwise, why did he suddenly insist that we go home? Sean, what are you doing?"

Jade was peevish as she questioned her husband.

"What am I doing?" Sean didn't mind being straight with his wife. "Honey, young people nowadays have their own ways. Our times were different. If you want to be a good mother-in-law, I suggest you stay away from meddling in their affairs. Think about the 'grandson' issue. Be it a boy or girl, it's Zed's child. You should feel love for the grandchild without any bias.

Now look at the whole Moore-Jean dynamic. How can you speculate about their relationship just because they went out together? All of your guesswork just might end up hurting Zed and Jean. So I think it's better for us to leave from here as soon as possible, making sure things remain as peaceful as it was when we came here."

Sean tried hard to reason with

reached the gate, she saw a man in mid-50s with a maintained tall figure standing with his eyes firmly fixed on Moore.

A look of bemusement spread across Jean's face. At the same time she felt deja vu."

Then it dawned on her.

Jean looked him from head to toe and...

Sharp-featured, broad eyebrows, and majestic nose.

His skin was pale.

It was him, the man who was worshipped as if he were God by tens of millions of citizens in H City.

Indeed, his contribution to H city was obvious to all, but not for Moore...

Suddenly, Jean felt an antipathy rising in her for the man standing in front of them.

It was probably because Moore was her best friend. After hearing everything about his miserable childhood, it was natural for her to side with Moore.

"Moore..." When Gary saw Moore, his peaceful and dignified manner completely dissipated. There was only his contorted face.

A hint of pain, guilt and love flashed through the shrewd eyes.

Jean was not good at reading other people's mind. But she was sure that she could read Gary's seeing his face express his emotions very clearly.

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