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   Chapter 465 Should I Tell Her The Truth

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7887

Updated: 2019-02-20 20:22

Zed smiled sheepishly and was unable to meet Jean's gaze. He really didn't know how to explain it to her.

With her walking in mid-conversation, he was unsure what she knew but also felt that it'd be foolish to deny that he wanted his parents to leave judging from her incensed expression. Even if he tried to deny it, he doubted if she'd believe him.

'Should I tell her the truth?'

"The thing is, your grandpa doesn't feel well and your father and I haven't been in Imperial Capital for a long time. We are not worried about you two any more as we have seen how you and Zed are taking care of each other. So we plan to go home and take care of your grandpa. Zed told me just now that he will bring you to Imperial Capital in three months. We will be together again then."

With a presence of mind, Jade tried to cover for Zed as she saw he was still looking at Jean. Nonetheless, Jade had a grudge against Zed for driving away her.

Jean didn't believe all Jade said as she searched for agreement in Zed's face and then again turned back to Jade. "Mother, are you really going back home with father?"

Jean walked towards Jade and took her hands in hers. Looking straight at Jade, Jean asked her this question again. Clearly, Jean didn't want them to leave at all.

Jean had always yearned for a motherly figure in her life, as she didn't have her own mother to take care of her ever since her childhood. After marrying Zed, she had decided to treat and respect Jade as her own mother, hoping she'd finally fill in the gap in Jean's life.

She was hardly happy to see her parents-in-law leave especially when they had just come back from abroad.

Jean was guilty as well.

Although she had been able to catch only the last bit of what Zed was speaking, it was enough for her to guess what Zed had meant.

Now Jade was doing Zed a "favor" and said that she and Sean were leaving. No doubt Jean was right in thinking this was Zed's doing.

On the inside, Jade was eager to shake her head and tell Jean that she didn't want to leave at all.

However, when Jade's eyes fell on her son's sorry-looking face, she decided to keep up the act and nodded her head to signal that they were leaving.

"Father, mother, if you really want to leave, I can't force you to stay. How about this? You stay here for a few more days and keep me and the bab

But why did Zed want his parents to leave?

Was Zed afraid that Jean and her mother-in-law will quarrel?

That's possible.

But if it's true, then why had Zed called his parents home and now was asking them to leave once they arrived?

It all looked like a tangled mess of relationships to Moore.

Moore looked at the clock and then got up. "Uncle Sean, Aunt Jade, Jean, I need to head out. I've got something to do."

"Go out?" Jean was surprised to hear Moore say he was going out. Yet she controlled the urge to ask him directly due to Sean and Jade being here. She tried to sound casual and asked," Moore, what are you heading out for?"

"Not something serious. I'll be back soon." Moore's vague reply hardly helped.

Jean was anxious at once and stood up the next minute. "What a coincidence! I need to go out as well. How about we go out together?"

Jean had put him in a pickle here. He silently nodded in assent.

Seeing Jean suddenly spring up from the couch and display this much of haste worried Jade. She reminded her," Jean, you need to take good care of yourself. You have a baby now. Don't be rash in your decisions or movements."

"Yes, mother." Jean looked at Moore ready to leave. "Let's go!"

Jean's readiness bogged Moore down. He politely nodded to Sean and walked towards the door.

Jade was mistrustful as she looked at the two leaving without any explanation. She asked her husband," Sean, do you see anything wrong between Moore and Jean? Why did Jean insist on going out with Moore as soon as he announced his plans?"

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