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   Chapter 464 How Can I Criticize You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7800

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"I understand. Please don't feel guilty about it, Mother. You prepared all these dishes for me. How can I criticize you for this? Don't mind his words. I should eat more for the baby's sake," Jean reassured Jade with a bright smile. Then she began to eat.

Jade beamed with satisfaction and joy. It gladdened her heart to realize that Jean was a considerate girl.

Zed sat across the table with a dark face.

He already regretted letting his parents know that Jean was pregnant. If he had known that this was how they would have reacted, he would not have called them in the first place.

'Look what I have done! I can't even sit next to Jean. And mother spooned so much fish and vegetables on her plate without knowing if she even likes them or not.

I'm regretting all of this now. Why did I tell them about the pregnancy? I have to wiggle out of this and make them leave as soon as possible.

Or I won't be able to tell what is going to happen next. Maybe Jean and I will be driven crazy, ' Zed moaned inwardly.

Fortunately, nothing happened during breakfast. Occasionally, Zed caught his mother piling up food on Jean's plate.

If he had known that his mother would become this excited about the news, he would have avoided telling her.

He thought it was all his fault and now he really needed to find a solution to this.

Zed didn't leave for work immediately after the breakfast like he usually did. Instead, he winked at Moore then looked from Moore to Jean.

Moore noticed how warm Jade was to Jean on the table, and so, he immediately understood what Zed was winking at him for. Then he looked at Jean who was softly stroking her stomach for it being too full and said," How about we have a walk in the garden, Jean?"

Jean nodded her consent instantly because that was exactly what she was thinking.

Then she told Jade and Sean that she was leaving for a stroll and followed Moore walking out of the dining room.

Jade wanted to follow them into the garden, but Sean stopped her.

"Why did you stop me? I have to go with them together. Moore is an outsider. Why did he take the initiative to walk with Jean in the garden? Is there any point to this? Why did he do it? Did you think of this before, Zed? And by the way, what is his true identity, and why does he stay at our house? Do you leave J

you were Jean, will you want your mother-in-law to give you more privacy? Jade, I know you care about Jean and the coming baby. You are warm-hearted. But what if your good intention unknowingly hurts them? If so, why don't we leave now?" Sean cajoled her gently.

Deep inside, what Sean had said touched Jade a lot. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Sean and sadly uttered," Does it mean we can't visit them before the baby comes out?"

"Of course, you can, mother," Zed responded instantly," You can visit any time you want. And we will come to visit you, too. Mother, we just need some privacy. You are my mother, I love you so much."

"Why do you want father and mother to leave, Zed? They just arrived. Why do you insist on their leaving?" Jean asked with confusion as she walked into the room suddenly.

Zed was completely taken by surprise as he caught sight of Jean coming.

Zed hadn't expected her to come back so soon.

'Goodness me!

Why didn't Moore stop her? Didn't I ask him to take Jean away, ' Zed reproached Moore in his head.

Zed looked accusingly at Moore. He could kill someone with that look.

Jean noticed that Zed still didn't answer her question and was instead eyeing Moore who stood beside her lowering his head as if he had done something wrong. Without any effort, all dots joined in her mind. Then she reprimanded Zed," Don't stare at Moore. It's not his fault. I'm back because I'm thirsty. And I need an answer now!"

Anger darkened her face as Jean glowered at Zed for avoiding her for this long.

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