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   Chapter 463 You Really Love Her

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7137

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"What's wrong?" Sean looked edgily at Zed who began frowning at the sight of Sean looking this uncomfortable.

"It's your mother. When she heard that Jean is pregnant, she thought the baby is a grandson. If Jean hears of this, I am afraid that she might misunderstand that we prefer grandsons over granddaughters." Sean was worried that it may upset Jean. "You must explain to Jean clearly that grandsons and granddaughters are equal in our hearts. Otherwise, I'm afraid that she will feel unhappy…"

"You…" Zed had been over the moon ever since he knew that he was going to be a father. In fact, he could hardly hold it in and was impatient to share the good news with his parents as soon as possible. He hardly saw this kind of complication arising out of such welcome news.

In a second, he felt worried and ridiculous and didn't know what to do.

"So, has mother come back in a hurry and cooked so many dishes because she cares for the grandson in Jean's womb?" Zed said in a sarcastic tone and deliberately emphasized the word "grandson".

"Zed…" Sean knew Zed was angry and continued to say helplessly," If you think that we will only add to your troubles, we will not be here for long."

"Can you persuade mother to leave now that she cares so much about her grandson?" Zed asked.

Zed's sarcasm had hit home. Sean felt a catch-22 situation developing as Jade acted this way. After thinking for a while, he shook his head helplessly.

"I think I will confront mother about it personally! Otherwise, it'll get hard to deal with especially if Jean misunderstands this. You two are really muddled. It should be a happy thing that Jean is pregnant now. You should not impose your ideas and thoughts on us. Yesterday, Zelda also did a similar thing. Today, it's mother's turn. Do you have to draw a clear distinction between grandsons and granddaughters?"

Zed spoke up in annoyance.

Seeing Zed behave this way, Sean was truly sorry.

Zed seldom showed his feelings. Sean had rarely seen Zed do it since Zed's childhood.

He did not expect to see Zed this exasperated.

Sean thought of the hard situation. "You

's sit down without any delay and eat when the food is still hot! I am so hungry!" Zed said.

After everyone was seated, Jean sat down.

Taking Jean's bowl, Jade began serving Jean with food that she thought would be good for Jean.

"Thank you, mother. You may be hungry and you should eat some food now. I will serve myself," Jean quickly said.

"Don't worry about me. You should eat more so that your baby absorbs nutrients and grows strong," Jade said with a smile.

Sean and Zed both looked at them nervously, fearing that Jade would mention the word "grandson" anytime now.

Sensing their nervousness, Jean glanced in Zed's direction raising her eyebrows enquiringly.

'It seems that Zed's eyes are fixed on me. But when I look at him carefully, he does not seem to be looking at me.'

Jean was even more puzzled. 'Why are they so nervous?

Yesterday, I figured that Zed was only too happy as he got to know that he would be a father for the first time in his life.

But now?'

Seeing that Jade had heaped food on Jade's bowl, Zed who was sitting on the opposite side said dissatisfiedly," Mother, you should focus on eating breakfast! Jean's bowl is filled to the brim. How will she even begin to eat?"

Jade was taken aback by Zed's reproach. Seeing Jean still fiddling with her bowl, Jade felt sorry for making things complicated for Jean. She said," Sorry, Jean. I'm just so happy. So…"

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