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   Chapter 462 You Better Be Prepared

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7293

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Jean smiled a beautiful smile to herself. Whenever she thought of her life after having the baby, she would turn sentimental and daydream.

'Moore, irrespective of whether you are returning to the Bai family or not, the Qi family will always be your rock.

Forgive me, Moore. That is all I can do for you.'

Zed's phone call to his parents who were vacationing overseas got them to change their plans and rush home at top speed.

So when Zed and Jean were sleeping in their bedroom, Zelda's thrilled voice could be heard from downstairs.

"Mr. and Mrs. Qi, welcome back!" Zelda received them with surprise and excitement.

"Hush…" Jade signalled Zelda to keep quiet and she looked up at the couple's bedroom gingerly. After she made sure that they hadn't woken up, she quietly said," Don't make any noise. It'll wake Jean up."

Zelda nodded and she tried hard to control her happiness.

"How is Jean? Is she doing alright?" Jade simply ignored her husband Sean and drew Zelda aside to enquire about all the details.

Zelda nodded fervently and said," Mrs. Jean is doing fine although she is starting feeling sick now. It is hard for her actually. She throws up whatever she eats, because of which she looks a bit worn out."

"It will be alright, now that I am back. I will take good care of her. I know how to feed her to keep her well-nourished and let her give birth to a big and healthy grandson for me." Jade said with joy.

Seeing Jade wallow in happiness, Zelda started feeling sorry for her.

'If Mrs. Qi realizes that the baby in Mrs. Jean's womb is a granddaughter instead of a grandson, she will get very disappointed.'

However, Zed's warning echoed in her mind and she covered her mouth impulsively with her hand. Looking uneasy, she said," Mrs. Qi, you and Mr. Qi please take some rest. I will go prepare breakfast for you."

Zelda turned to the kitchen and planned to scuttle before they paid attention to something else.

Jade was fast enough to grab her hand. She smiled and said," You just need to prepare the basics. I will come and cook in a moment."

"Mrs. Qi…" Zelda shook her head," You just got off the plane. You must be tired.

ell. Don't worry, I will not step out of line on anything."

Hearing Jean say so, Zed felt slightly relieved.

They both freshened up and got changed. To please Zed's parents, Jean chose to put on a set of relatively conservative and formal clothes. She followed Zed who was going down the stairs.

Breakfast was already laid on the table — fresh and warm.

"Father!" Zed walked downstairs and saw Sean sitting on the couch in the living room and reading newspaper. He called him immediately.

"Hi, Zed. You are up." Sean heard Zed's voice and looked up. He smiled at Zed and at the same time his eyes scanned Jean who was behind Zed imperceptibly.

Jean greeted him meekly in time," Hi, Father."

The clear and sweet voice enhanced the smile on Sean's face immediately.

"Since we are all here. Let's begin having breakfast. Your mother has been in the kitchen for a long time. And she didn't allow us to eat before you two woke up." Sean said smilingly.

"Mother…" Jean flushed and felt embarrassed. "I am sorry. We shouldn't let her do this for us. Zed, you keep father company. I will go to the kitchen to see if I can help."

Zed nodded and watched her rushing to the kitchen. Then he looked at Sean and tried to catch up on him," Father, where have you been with mother for vacation?"

"Zed…" Sean's face turned serious and he said with somewhat difficulty," There is one thing I need to remind you. You better be prepared."

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