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   Chapter 461 We Need A Honeymoon

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8675

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It was after hearing what he had said that Jean realized the true reason why Zed had agreed to her advice and wasn't afraid that Gary might get provoked when she suggested that Moore stay in Qi's house.

'The reality is, they have held a grudge against each other all these years so Zed doesn't care if they get provoked.

Therefore, no one from the Bai Family has yet arrived to blame us for letting Moore stay in the Qi Mansion.

Interesting! Interesting!' Jean thought secretly.

An excited look crept up on her face and she instantly responded,"If what you said is true, then I think it would be a great choice if we make Moore our baby's godfather."

"Why is that?" Zed was confused as he couldn't see the connection.

"Think Honey, think! What does the fact that Gary doesn't dare to visit our home even though he knows Moore lives here actually mean? Clearly, he has to take the influence of the Qi family into account before making any rash decisions. If we make Moore our baby's godfather, we will be able to protect him very easily. With the knowledge that the Qi Family is backing him up, the Bais will have to think a lot before they try to hurt him."

"But that only helps and benefits Moore. How is that any good for our baby?" Zed asked and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Do you know why your mother dislikes Edna, Zed?" Jean responded with a question of her own. She was looking at Zed's face with great interest.

"I am not entirely clear about that. The rivalry has been going on ever since I was a child. Something happened," Zed said as he shook his head with an absent look on his face. A while later, he continued,"As far as I know, My mother and Edna were close friends before that time. Their relations turned sour soon after my mother married my father and Edna married Gary."

"If so, perhaps that happened because of their husbands," Jean suggested,"What do you think? Is it because Edna loves your father, or because your mother loves Gary?" Jean boldly guessed with a laugh.

"Nonsense! Stop it, Jean!" Zed scolded her as he registered his displeasure with exactly what she had said,"I'm sure my mother loves my father very much. Stop that nonsense!"

"Then it must be Edna who is in love with your father and hates your mother for stealing him from her! If so, I understand why Edna, as the daughter of the ex-mayor of the city, married Gary," Jean murmured as she got lost in her thoughts.

What Jean said immediately attracted Zed's attention, and he asked instantly,"How do you know Edna is the daughter of the ex-mayor?"

"It's Moore who told

recently, Zed. We have worked out many misunderstandings and have fought each other so many times. And I agree, we have overcome them one-by-one. Now we are going to welcome a baby into our family. And there are so many hundred ways for a couple to bond. Mine just happens to be spending some private, quality time with you. Honey, could you take time off after the birth of our baby? We haven't gone anywhere for our honeymoon yet. We need a honeymoon!"

Jean looked at Zed gently and asked.

"I can, Sweety. Great idea!" Zed responded immediately after Jean finished her words. Tears brimmed over his eyes, and he instantly added,"We need a wedding ceremony, too. The most luxurious and finest one possible. I am going to show the world that you're my wife and the mother of my child!"

He smiled happily as his eyes got filled with tears. Jean felt a sort of sadness appear out of nowhere inside her. But she composed herself soon and said,"A honeymoon trip is enough for me. We are going to be parents, so a wedding ceremony is not a good fit in our case. I'm not greedy, Honey. I just need a small trip."

"You silly girl, you are not greedy. But you deserve more." Deep inside, Zed was deeply moved. He scooped Jean into his arms and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Jean closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. A happy smile passed on her face.

'You are right, Zed. I do want one thing more.

And that is what I need in my entire life to be happy. That one thing is to have you by my side all my life. You are my happiness.

I promise to be with you for the rest of my life. And with our marriage about to bear fruit too, things appear to be great.

A baby!' Jean thought inwardly. She was really excited.

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