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   Chapter 460 Our Child's Godfather

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"No, there is nothing inconvenient. If you still treat me as your friend, then you shouldn't be leaving my house at this moment!" Jean retorted loudly with an unhappy look.

Moore was really in a bind now. He smiled awkwardly knowing fully well that Zed had already seen this coming. Now he was faced with the dilemma of whether to stay here or displease Jean. On one hand, now that Jean was pregnant, he thought it would be inconvenient if he stayed here. On the other, Jean would certainly get angry if he didn't obey her.

He looked at Zed for help, but Zed only gave him a sympathetic smile in return. Finally, Moore looked down at his shoes and nodded in agreement. "Fine! I'd better agree with you," he said.

Hearing his consent, Jean was happy at once. "Moore, of course you can't leave now. You should stay here until my child is born. You will be my child's godfather after all!"

"Puff..." When Moore heard Jean say this, he was drinking water. As soon as the word 'godfather' was uttered, he sprayed the entire table in shock.

"Godfather? Me?"

Moore coughed and looked at Jean in shock. He asked in disbelief as he again pointed towards his chest. "Are you serious?"

Zed hadn't expected this either, so he looked at Jean in astonishment.

"Certainly I am!" Seeing them both stare at her in shock, Jean cleared her throat and slowly explained,"You know, I have a few friends only, not to mention my relatives..."

When she said this, she stopped suddenly, as if to restrain her from sobbing out with sadness. There was a bittersweet beautiful smile on her delicate face, and she looked at them piteously. "Moore, you know Zed's family background very well. So you must know that there is a big gap in our social status. I'm used to it, but I can't bear to let my child suffer any slight after birth, let alone be bullied just because I have no relatives. So Moore, I'm sorry to tell you that you would have to be the baby's godfather with a great deal of responsibility. You should not only love my child, but also be his or her strongest support. I won't embarrass you either. If you think recognizing my child will cost you too much, then I won't say it."

Hearing Jean even say this had Moore compelled to say 'yes'. He also smiled at the peculiar situation he was in.

Now that she had put it so straightforward, if he didn't say yes, he really couldn't imagine the fate of their friendship.

But he st

say? You two families know each other?" Jean was suddenly curious, and then probed Zed to explain.

"Yes, since I was a little child, our two families have known each other. And the relationship between us was quite amicable. But then, because of something that happened between us, we fell out of touch." Zed's shoulders drooped as he looked downcast after mentioning the strife between the families.

Jean frowned when she heard about it, but then she laughed with relief. "Whatever the discord between the two families, our child only recognizes Moore, not the other people in the Bai family. Don't worry, are you vehemently objecting to this because you think Moore is not fit to be your child's godfather?"

Jean couldn't help teasing Zed when she saw that he was frowning anxiously all this time.

"Don't talk nonsense." He interrupted her seriously. "I'm just afraid that when my mother gets to know about it, she will oppose it with all her passion."

Zed said that, and his forehead wrinkled again.

"So the root of the incompatibility between the two families is your mother, right? Is there any feud between your mother and the Bai family?" Jean guessed something and asked.

Zed nodded as he heard the remark. "Now that you have guessed this, I will not hide it from you." "My mother and Gary's second wife Edna had always been at odds. It was because they quarreled every time they met that they gradually alienated the two families. By now, our two families have basically cut off contact..."

Zed concluded by shaking his head at this.

'I guess, this is really bothering Zed...' thought Jean.

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