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   Chapter 459 Sour For Boy And Spicy For Girl

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6856

Updated: 2019-02-19 20:21

As soon as Zed finished, ecstatic applause echoed in the room and everyone's face beamed with joy. They all looked at Jean with a happy smile.

"Zed, Jean, congratulations on expecting a baby." Moore walked over and embraced both of them.

"Thank you so much, Moore" Jean watched Moore and for reasons she didn't know, she felt so thrilled that her voice trembled.

"What's the matter?" Detecting a difference in Jean, Zed asked in a jiffy.

"Nothing. I am just too happy." Jean rubbed her eyes off the tears and said.

"I think Jean is okay." Moore tried to explain for her,"Maybe it is all the sudden excitement of becoming a mother. Zed, you should be more considerate about Jean's emotions from now on. Pregnant women can get emotional and moody because of their fluctuating hormone levels…"

"Moore, what nonsense are you talking about?" Jean suddenly flared with anger and gave Moore a threatening look.

"I got it." Zed patted Moore's shoulder in agreement and nodded to him.

"Jean, don't get worked up. I read up online when you two went to the hospital. I am just telling you scientific facts. In fact, you should be happy to see that Zed and I will be far more considerate and careful at this special time," Moore explained. "I guess the doctor might have already told you this too."

Zed nodded again admitting the truth behind Moore's words.

But, Jean pulled a long face and sulked at Moore. "I don't need you to tolerate me. It is better for you two to stay away."

After she said that, she ran inside on her own.

Zed got nervous and was just about to yell at her to slow down but she had already disappeared into the house.

"See, we have to watch our mouths in front of her from now on." Moore smiled wryly looking into the direction Jean had just sprinted in. "She couldn't understand what we said. We were trying to do what we thought is good for her but it just made her more furious."

"She has just been told that she is pregnant. I think you need to watch her moods for the time being." Zed thought he wa

n to blame you, Zelda. I just don't want to upset Jean because of anything."

"Sure, Mr. Zed. I understand. I know what to do and I will tell the rest of the service staff here to watch their mouths too." Zed nodded to show he appreciated what she had just said.

"Good." Zed nodded satisfactorily and turned to go towards the living room.

After Zed turned his back to her, Zelda patted her chest with force to relieve her tense heart and exhale deeply.

On his return, Zed saw Moore sitting opposite Jean. They were chatting. Obviously they had put behind their tiff that had happened just a moment ago.

The truth was Jean was throwing a tantrum. She knew in her heart that Moore was trying to be good to her.

As soon as Zed walked close to them, they stopped talking immediately. Somewhat bewildered, he asked,"Why did you stop? Weren't you talking merrily right now? What is it?"

Jean stared at Moore for five long seconds and then said,"Moore said he wanted to move out. Zed, you know I can't go anywhere now that I am pregnant. I was thinking it is lucky that I still have Moore here to give me company and chat with me. However, as soon as he knew I got pregnant, he wants to abandon me and walk away."

"I am not abandoning you. It is just not convenient for me to live here after you get pregnant." Moore got anxious and explained briskly.

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