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   Chapter 458 I Am Just Too Happy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7094

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Zed and Jean bought a lot of snacks, health care products and fruits in the supermarket. Jean could not help but let out a sigh in her heart. 'Thanks to the baby, I can eat whatever I want to eat without hesitation now.'

Zed was staring at baby clothes that hung not far from where they stood. His eyes gleamed with joy as his eyes roved over the rows of tiny pastel clothes. Noticing Zed's gaze, Jean groaned in her heart and held Zed's arm to bring his attention back to her. "Zed, we shall go home now. The baby is still small right now. It's too early to buy these clothes."

Zed wanted to walk into the shop. Hearing Jean's words, he turned to look at her radiating like a healthy pregnant woman. Zed said helplessly,"I want our child to be born real soon. I can't wait to take the baby in my arms and play with him or her."

Suppressing a giggle, Jean rolled her eyes.

Zed came to her side of the car and opened the door. Once she was comfortably seated, he sat in the driver's seat. Touching his hand gently with affection, Jean ventured to ask,"Zed, why do you like babies so much? You don't look at all like the kind of person who would love babies!"

"It's our baby. Why won't I love it?" Zed asked with a puzzled look.

As soon as those words were out of Zed's mouth, he grimaced with regret. He was quick to add,"I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It doesn't matter. I was not born to be a happy girl." Jean shrugged her shoulders in bitter irony.

Even if she knew that Henry had divorced his mother because of Joy's devilry, she couldn't help being upset.

'No matter what happened, I am his daughter. We lived in the same house but he never paid any attention to me because of Joy's instigations.' This was why Jean still could not forgive Henry.

"But you care so much about our baby, which makes me very surprised." Jean looked at Zed and sighed. "Compared to you, I appear too calm even though I am also very happy and excited."

"Jean, take it easy." Zed immediately understood the meaning behind Jean's words. He reached out and grasped her hand. "I love our baby. I am so nerv

"Okay. Then we will call your mother as soon as we get home." Jean nodded in agreement.

"My mother? Jean, she's our mother." Zed looked mock-angry and unhappy.

Jean flushed with shame at the slip-up and obediently said,"Our mother."

Zed smiled and nodded at her and drove the car into the villa.

Zelda had already waited a long time for them. Even Moore ran out of the villa as soon as he heard the car crunching the gravel of the driveway.

Many curious servants took lined up half in welcome and half anticipation of the couple.

Seeing everyone gather and stand on ceremony made Jean terribly nervous.

She didn't dare get off the car now.

"Jean, we are home." Zed opened the door and asked for her hand to help her get out.

Taking a deep breath in, Jean put her hand in Zed's and coyly got out.

While Zed was all smiles, Jean was a picture of shyness.

Standing by her side, Zed gently pushed her to the front in everyone's eyes.

Moore, Zelda and other people all stared at Jean nervously. Then they spontaneously looked at Jean's belly.

"It is time to look after Jean." Zed deliberately cleared his throat. "Jean is pregnant. From now on, you all must take good care of her and see that she doesn't get tired or hurt. "

"Okay, Mr. Zed."

Everyone answered loudly and together.

Hearing Zed's words, Zelda immediately became excited and her eyes welled up with joy.

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