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   Chapter 456 Good News Is Coming

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"Well, the last time I had my period was..." For a long while, Jean searched her memory, but in the end, she sighed apologetically and said,"There had been too many distractions lately that I wasn't able to pay much attention to it. I'm sorry, but I really don't remember it." Jean shook her head in resignation.

After hearing Jean's reply, disappointment crept on Zelda's face. She, too, tried to remember the last time she had bought tampons for Jean.

Zed took a glance at Zelda, and seeing her expression, he turned to Jean and urged her to keep recalling. "Jean, can you think harder about it? It's really important."

Jean's face showed confusion as she wondered why there was a tinge of hesitation in Zed's voice. Then again, she got a feeling that her answer was of great significance to them today.

She nodded at them and gave it a thought again, racking her brain. "I know that my period is always very punctual. It comes in the middle of the month consistently. Hmm, counting the days of my last period, it was..."

Jean thought hard, and then suddenly, as if a light bulb flashed above her head, she finally remembered when the last time was. Because of this, her expression couldn't be deciphered.

Zed immediately noticed the change in her expression and couldn't help but ask about it in haste. "What's wrong, Jean?"

"I... Well..." Jean couldn't form her words. She scratched her head and then gave them a wry smile. "It seemed that I haven't had my period last month."

Ecstasy immediately appeared on Zed's face. He felt the excitement rise inside of him, like a lion eager to prowl, but he kept his composure outside. "Jean, are you sure about it?" He asked in a trembling voice. He glanced at Zelda, who mirrored his expression as well.

Jean nodded and replied,"I am sure." However, in contrast to Zed's feeling of euphoria, Jean felt afraid and panicked. She furrowed her eyebrows into a frown. "I was in the hospital then, and I definitely haven't had my period when I was there." Jean turned to Zed with a worried look. "Zed, do you think I'm sick? Have I got some fatal disease?" After saying that, her eyes widened in shock. Zelda tried hard to hide her amusement at Jean's innocence.

"No, silly, you are not sick. It might be, because you are pregnant." Zed reached his arms to hold her, and as he rubbed her back gently, he said with excitement evident in his tone. "Of course, it is just a guess for now. Why don't we make sure? You eat something first, and then we can go to the hospital for a check-up and get the doctor's confirmation."

Jean's brain went blank all of a sudden after hearing the word 'pregnant' come out of Zed's mouth. This was too shocking for her, and she didn't know how to grasp it just yet.

Clearly, she hadn't thought about being pregnant until now. She was too busy trying to absorb this possibility into her brain that she zoned out completely, not hearing what Zed was saying at the moment.

'I could be pregnant?' Jean said out loud in her thoughts once more.

It was true that both Zed and her had been married for a quite a long time now. Moreover, after she met Zed's parents the last time, they hadn't used any contraceptives as advised by Zed's parents.

Indeed, quite a long time had passed since then, and also enough to have conceived a child. A child...Did she really have a life growing inside her?

A life created by the love she and Zed have for each other?

She took in the news slowly, and the panic that she felt mom

it is also my source of happiness as you probably felt too. So please, don't regard me as a person unable to take care of herself, okay?"

"Okay," Zed replied with a sigh of relief. After a moment of comfortable silence and an exchange of smiles, Zed finally realized that his action was a little too exaggerated. He then nodded. "Okay, I will not carry you in, but promise me, watch your step. Walk slowly and carefully. If you feel something wrong, tell me right away."

Jean couldn't help but chuckle at how overly protective her husband was of her.

Even though they still haven't confirmed anything yet. Then again, Jean stopped laughing as she saw how serious Zed looked at her. His tense expression made Jean start to feel nervous too.

They got out of the car feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Hand in hand, they walked beside each other inside the hospital. Jean walked with extreme care so as Zed wouldn't say anything more about being careful, while Zed followed Jean's pace.

Jean noticed how attentive Zed's expression was, making her speechless. Deep inside, she wondered how she got someone like Zed.

They finally reached the OB department of the hospital and after filling in the forms and finished registering, they headed to the doctor's office, thankful that there wasn't any queue.

The doctor then asked Jean some questions before running the test. She asked about Jean's menstrual cycle, how many weeks it had been since the last conception, and how Jean was feeling recently. The doctor told both of them that Jean was indeed, showing signs of early pregnancy. Satisfied with Jean's answers, the doctor then arranged her to have an ultrasound.

Jean was nervous as she lay down on the bed. Zed held her cold hand and stayed by her side the whole process during the examination. He gave Jean a reassuring smile before the doctor finally placed the transducer on Jean's belly after placing gel. Jean kept her attention on the screen while Zed kept switching between the screen and Jean's belly. Finally, not long after, a heartbeat appeared on the screen. The doctor looked at both of them with a bright smile. Zed gave Jean a huge beam. He couldn't conceal his ecstasy anymore. He smiled like someone who had just won the jackpot.

Although for Zed, this was way better than winning the jackpot.

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