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   Chapter 454 What's Wrong With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6072

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Both of us are abandoned by fate. I don't want you to live with hatred in the future. As far as I know, Moore is quite cheerful and lively. He has such a beautiful and bright smile."

Moore looked at Jean affectionately and nodded. He had a little hoarse voice as he said,"OK, I promise you. When I'm ready, I'll seriously talk to him."

"Well, this is the Moore that I always knew," Jean said as she smiled. She felt a little nervous as she saw Zed and Ian get off the coach. She said,"It looks like they are almost done talking."

Moore looked into the room and found Zed and Ian going out together.

"Let's go there then!" Jean said to Moore.

Moore nodded and then the two of them went towards the door.

Just as they reached the gate, Jean saw Ian had held Zed's hand to bid him goodbye.

"Ian, please stay for dinner," Jean asked Ian to stay until dinner.

"Thank you, Mrs. Jean! But I have to go back to the police station to deal with some things." Ian looked at her and refused her invitation.

"As you are quite busy, I won't keep you for much longer. Please stay for dinner the next time you come over." Jean smiled at him.

"Okay! I'm afraid I must say goodbye now." Ian looked at Zed and nodded as he turned around to leave.

As Jean saw Ian leave, she hurried up to Zed and asked,"How did it go?"

Zed looked up to Jean. He had no emotions on his face and he said,"Why don't you guess?"

"What? I asked you about it and you are asking me to guess?" Jean stamped her feet and pouted, pretending to be angry.

Moore smiled as he had a smile on his face. He sighed in relief.

'Since Zed is in such a good mood, the matter must have been settled satisfactorily.' thought Moore.

"Well, don't stand outside. Zelda had been waiting for us in the dining room," Zed reached out an

e raised his glass and said,"Jean, I misunderstood you earlier. I thought you were convincing me just because you didn't want me to look for an escape all the time. Now I finally understand what you meant back then. A toast to you!"

Jean looked at Moore in surprise, picked up her glass and clinked it with Moore's. "It's great that you finally understand. If you don't think too much, you won't have to pay much attention to what you gain and what you lose."

"Yeah, you're right!" Moore nodded immediately.

Zed sat in the corner. He didn't understand what they were talking about, but when he saw them smiling, he could not help but smile too.

"Well, I won't keep you in suspense any more. I succeeded and finally persuaded Ian. So as long as Shirley wakes up, no matter what her charges are, there will only be one result which we all expect,"

Zed announced and smiled.

"Really?" Jean asked happily.

"Of course it's true! Is there anything I can't do?" Zed said proudly.

Jean was so excited that she poured herself another glass of red wine. She then raised her glass to Zed. "Zed, I salute you!"

"Why is this toast for me? Because of Shirley's case?" Zed asked her intentionally.

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