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   Chapter 453 Don't You Evade Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7466

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After seeing this scene, Moore nodded with approval and said,"That is good too. Zed is not an unreasonable person. He knows you didn't tell him for his good. Of course, he will understand when he gets to know later."

"Whether he understands or not, it was time that I did things on my own. I can't have him worry about me all the time." Jean said this as she gazed outside the window looking at the periwinkle flowers in her garden. Lost in thought, she sighed and continued,"Ever since I married Zed, I have given him some reason or the other to worry about me. I can't always ask him to clean up my mess. I have to learn to grow up, be mature and deal with my own challenges on my own."

"Jean, you are doing great already." Moore tried to make her look at it positively. "Look at everything that has happened in your life. I don't think anybody could have handled it any better than what you have."

"Moore, don't do this to make me feel better." Jean shook her head at Moore's words,"I know I am not capable enough. Look at this, I even interrupted your treatment at the hospital and now disturb your rest here. Sometimes I wonder am I a drama queen since I am always getting my friends into trouble."

"Don't say that, Jean." Moore shrugged his shoulders wearily. "Don't be paranoid about such kind of things. As your friend, I am only glad to help you and share both your pain and joy."

"Okay, let's drop the topic about me. What about you?" Jean was pleased to see Moore never shying away from showing his support. She gave him a cheerful smile and asked,"After you recover, do you plan to continue staying here?"

Moore knew what Jean really meant. Fraught with tension, Moore kenw there was only one way to solve this. "I will have a serious talk with him before I decide to stay or leave."

"Him" of course referred to Gary.

Jean nodded showing that she got the subtext of his words. "I too feel that it does you no good to keep on avoiding him. You two need to sit down and get this out of the way. That is a positive way to solve problems."

Moore wrenched in pain,"I had never thought of meeting him, let alone sitting down to talk. But when I saw you miss your mother this intensely, I began thinking of m

photos in the Harkin Garden apartment? My lawyer told me explicitly that the apartment was left to me by my adoptive parents. If that is the case, why are there photos of me when I was very small in that room? I had doubted that Gary bought the apartment privately in the name of my adoptive parents.

I called the sales manager of that estate to confirm my guess, but was told that my parents did go to see the apartment and personally purchase it for me years ago. So I started to speculate whether my parents adopted me on Gary's instructions. Otherwise it couldn't be such a coincidence that they showed up at the same time…"

"Oh my God!" Jean was shocked beyond belief. Her eyes widened as she clasped her hand to her mouth.

"Of course this is only my conjecture. My adoptive parents aren't alive anymore and I can't ask them the truth. If my guess is right, do you still think of him as conscientious and honest who deserves to be the idol of the public? He is a person who plotted to abandon his own son in order to climb up the career ladder. Do you still think I should forgive such a person?"

Moore watched Jean closely and asked with a bitter smile.

"If what you said is true, then life has been greatly unjust to you! Moore, so far this is only your conjecture. There is no evidence to support it. So I still hope that you give him a chance and let him tell you his side of the story, okay? I really can't see you getting tortured by not knowing the actual truth.

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