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   Chapter 452 Shirley Committed Suicide

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7893

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"Zed, what else do you think of besides having sex?" Hearing Zed's words, Jean could not help flushing. Her face turned crimson and she questioned him with shyness.

"I also think about you! Shall I show you my heart? There is much love for you in it!" Zed flirted with Jean and started to sit closer to her.

"You…" Jean quickly pushed him away. Feeling shy, she ran into the bathroom.

Seeing Jean look so embarrassed, Zed started to laugh happily. Being with her put him at ease and he loved to spend his time playing with her.

While they were having their fun, there was a sudden knock on the door. Zed stopped laughing and walked to open it.

Moore stood on the other side of the door and smiled at Zed. "Ian is waiting for you in the living room," he informed.

Hearing that, Zed nodded. "Okay. I will come downstairs. Just give me a moment."

"Okay." Moore turned around and started to leave. Suddenly, he stopped and looked back at Zed. "Zelda has already prepared the dinner. You should be quick," he advised.

"I see." After saying that, Zed turned around and walked inside the bedroom. He went near the washroom and knocked on the tightly closed door. "Jean, Ian is waiting for me. I have to go downstairs first."

Getting ready to meet Ian, Zed turned around and was about to leave the room.

But before he could leave, the door behind him opened abruptly. Jean had just finished washing her face and water was dripping from her chin. "Why has Ian come here? Did something happen to Shirley?"

"I don't know." Zed shook his head showing honesty. "There must be something related to Shirley or Joy. Most probably, it is going to be about Shirley. Do you think Joy will confess her crime so quickly?"

Thinking more, Jean continued and answered her own question,"As soon as she confesses her crime, she will be put into the prison. So I don't think she is going to confess so quickly. You talk to Ian first, and I will come downstairs later," Jean said to Zed.

"Okay." Zed nodded, turned around and walked downstairs.

Moore was talking with Ian in the living room. Seeing Zed, Ian quickly stood up and greeted him.

"Mr. Qi, fortunately, you are at home. I am here to give you bad news." Looking at Zed, Ian spoke in a serious voice.

"What happened?" Seeing Ian's serious look, Zed suddenly had a bad feeling. He instan

s take your side. And you also have friends who truly care about you. As for the video incident, I think that we can deal with it. After Shirley's case is sorted out, I think you should talk with Zed about that video incident carefully. Maybe he will figure out what to do with it."

Moore was full of ideas and suggestions. He was willing to go to any extent in order to put Jean's mind at rest.

"I don't want him to worry about me. Grandpa has told us to go back to the Imperial Capital as soon as possible. I don't want to distract his attention. There are more difficult problems that need to be solved so I don't want to stress him out." Jean shook her head and sighed.

Moore could not help but drop this idea. "If that's is the case, you have to hide this from Zed now. But I am worried that he will be angry when he knows that you deliberately hid it from him."

"He will be angry and that is inevitable. But I have no choice now. This is the best way." Hearing Moore's words, Jean smiled helplessly. "After all, everyone's energy is limited. I have regretted knowing that Zed got involved in Shirley's case so there is no way for me to bring him more stress."

After saying that, she couldn't help glancing into the living room.

Moore followed her gaze and looked at the large French windows. Through the windows, they could see Zed and Ian sitting on the sofa in the living room and talking with each other. They both had an intent and serious face.

Both Jean and Moore knew clearly that Zed was trying to persuade Ian to extenuate Shirley's crime.

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