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   Chapter 451 He Works For You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7713

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"He works for you. I surely shouldn't involve myself in it." Jean rolled her eyes at Zed and added,"But can you please tone down the fierceness? You look unfamiliar to me in that avatar and I get scared."

"Alright. I promise you that I will control myself from now on." Zed looked Jean in the eye to assure her of his genuineness and nodded his head.

Zed making a promise to Jean in a heartbeat gladdened her. Still, the thought of her mother's death at the back of her head brought her spirits down. She lowered her head in gloomy silence.

Noticing Jean's low spirits, Zed realized what she was thinking about at once. He consoled her with encouraging words. "Jean, don't think too much. Your mother is already gone. We can't do anything to bring her back so please don't cry any more. What boils my blood is that Joy tried to kill you too. I'll definitely make her suffer for it."

"How are you going to add to her suffering?" Jean was curious about what Zed meant by this. She shrugged her shoulders and added,"Only if she goes to the police office and confesses what she did to my mother, will she meet an end that she deserves."

"Do you prefer her to die or live to suffer?" Zed questioned Jean with a grave look.

Jean mulled over what Zed had just said. It was only at this point that Jean understood what Zed meant by "suffering".

Thinking of all the realities she could have subjected Joy to, Jean shook her head in the end. "Never mind. Though I really want to torture her, I don't want you to break the law for me. What are you going to do with Shirley?"

"Our promise to Joy will have to be honoured. It's easy. Once Shirley is condemned to a life sentence, it's done," Zed said.

"Yes." Having Zed stand by her through thick and thin had bolstered Jean's confidence greatly. She was relieved to have him by her side in facing all of this.

"Why are you nervous? It need not be done illegally. Don't worry." Zed laughed to make the matters light and to make Jean see things differently.

"I know that." Jean smiled back at Zed and added,"But I hate the fact that we'd have to get involved..." Jean held Zed's hands in affection.

"Don't think too much. It's much easier for me to do that before she gets sentenced." Zed squeezed her hands tightly and said,"I find you beco

caused. You need to rest your mind and body. Don't worry, you'll be fine in a while. Okay?"

"Sure." This time Jean yawned widely and her eyes watered with fatigue. She suddenly felt exhaustion come over her.

"Are you tired? I'll take you upstairs to get some sleep." Zed scooped Jean in his arms and climbed up to the bedroom.

Jean enveloped Zed in her arms and buried her delicate face in his strong chest. "Yeah, I'm so tired."

Zed carefully put Jean on their feather-soft bed. Gazing at her tender but pale face and tightly closed eyes, Zed's heart melted with tenderness. Slowly, he extended his hand to tuck in a wisp of hair behind her ear.

Zed's eyes were filled with intense affection at the moment.

'All our troubles have passed. Jean, I'll protect you and make sure you are only happy from now on.'

Stroking her cheek ever so gently, Zed sat next by her side. He couldn't help but continue to watch her peaceful tired face as she breathed rhythmically in her sleep.

When Jean finally woke up in the evening, she saw Zed looking at her with a loving smile. Embarrassed at once, she asked,"Did I sleep for a long time? What time is it now?"

"It's time for dinner. Would you like to get some more sleep?" Zed asked with concern.

"No, I'm fine. I've rested enough. If I sleep more, I won't be able to fall asleep tonight." Jean shook her head as she felt better after several hours' rest.

"If you can't fall asleep tonight, we can do something else." Zed said mischievously with a twinkle in his eye.

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