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   Chapter 450 The Sound Of Flesh Splitting

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10924

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"What were you doing at that time? Answer my question!" Zed bellowed. His voice started to become colder, making Toby feel a chill run through his spine. Toby's eyes widened in regret and fright as he glanced at Zed, who looked scarier than moments ago.

"I..." Toby started and immediately stopped. He lowered his head immediately after seeing the piercing eyes of Zed and didn't dare to raise his head to look. "I won't explain myself. I wasn't able to do my duty of protecting Mrs. Jean from Joy. I have failed you, Mr. Zed. Please, punish me as I deserve to be punished."

Zed lifted one corner of his lips, satisfied by how well-trained his employees were, but not enough to do their duty. He took his belt out immediately and whipped Toby by the back with all the force he could muster. Toby couldn't do anything but kneel in front of Zed, biting his bottom lip. "Do you think I won't punish you if you explain for yourself? Toby, I trusted you so much, but I can't believe that you failed me in the end. If anything happened to Jean, you are going to be responsible as well. Do you hear me?"

After saying that, Zed gave Toby another whip much harder than the first one. This time, Toby winced and did his best to hide his pain that was coursing throughout his whole body. The sound of the whip was so loud that they could now hear the sound of flesh splitting.

Everything happened so fast that Jean stood there in shock. Only then when she saw blood seeping through Toby's shirt did Jean come back to her senses.

She quickly grabbed Zed by the arm before he could beat Toby again and shouted in front of him as if he wasn't close enough to hear. "Zed! What the hell are you doing? It's not Toby's fault! Stop beating him to death! Stop it right now!"

Zed pushed Jean aside and made sure he didn't push her too hard. He then turned his attention back to Toby and continued to whip his belt onto Toby's back. "Go away, Jean. Don't stand in my way! Because of his careless actions, you might have lost your life! I'm merciful enough to let him keep his life."

"Zed, if you keep punishing him, I'll protect him by throwing myself in front of your belt. Believe me." Glaring at Zed, Jean didn't have any other choice but to threaten him.

Zed stopped mid-air and turned to glare at Jean back. "What did you just say?" He couldn't believe what Jean had just said. "You need to be reasonable, Jean. Toby works for me, and it was his duty to protect you, but he failed. He knew then that there would be consequences for failure. I'm telling you as well, Jean. If you dare to stop me, I will kill him directly."

"God damn it, Zed! Who do you think you are?" Jean sneered after hearing what Zed had just said. "Kill Toby? Really? You didn't even give Toby a chance to explain for himself, and now you're talking about killing him! Can you even hear yourself, Zed? You are no more than a tyrant! Do you think lives are just easy to throw away? I can't believe you take lives for granted!" Jean raised her hands up in exasperation. "How did I even get to know someone as heartless as you?"

"Mrs. Jean." Toby looked up and barely spoke before their argument gets any worse. His face was so pale, and his breath was breaking as he tried hard to muster up al

h a smile. "Well, my grandpa was a soldier. He influenced me and my father to join the military once. Later on, my father wanted me to inherit his company, so that he would take a break and have time to take my mother with him and travel around the world. I was reluctant at first, but I accepted his arrangement in the end."

"Oh, so that's why!" Moore smiled and nodded his head as he turned to Jean and said,"Jean, I'm tired. I think I will call it a night. I'll give you two some time alone and go upstairs first."

Before he could finish his words, Moore was already turning around to retreat upstairs.

Jean watched Moore disappear from the stairs before turning to Zed with an eyebrow raised. Still angry, she questioned,"Is what you just said true?"

"Of course. Why would I lie about that?" Looking into Jean's eyes, Zed nodded his head with a smile.

Jean still didn't believe Zed and continued to interrogate him. "Didn't you tell me that you and your grandpa made a deal that you will go back to Imperial Capital sooner or later?"

"Yes, I did. When things are settled here, I'll take you to Imperial Capital to visit my grandpa, and I will deal with the issues remaining there while we are on the place." Zed nodded his head again as he calmly answered her questions.

Jean only noticed then that her anger had started to slowly fade away, but after hearing what Zed had said, her eyebrows furrowed into a frown. "How come it's so complicated?"

"It's fine. It only takes some time to get used to. It won't take too long. I promise. If you want to stay there, then we will just stay there." Zed stood up and moved towards Jean. He embraced her in his arms tightly but enough to let her breathe. He smiled as he felt Jean hug him back. With a sigh of relief, he said,"Don't be angry with me anymore, alright? I'm sorry, but like you said, I have known Toby for a long while now. If I didn't punish him, he will just succumb to regret for not being able to protect you and still would suffer either way. Only after I punished him will he set himself free from the guilt that was already deep embedded in his heart the very moment Joy laid a hand on you."

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