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   Chapter 449 Toby Gets Punished

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7351

Updated: 2019-02-17 21:35

He started caring more and more about me especially after Winner and Shirley were born. But what surprised me most was that he sometimes still cared about you. Perhaps that's why he left the Wen Group to you in the end. He cared about you after all."

Saying that, Joy put on a bitter smile for her failure to get the company.

"Do you think that he gave me the Wen Group because he wanted to? Or perhaps because he cared about me?" Jean sneered and continued her jab,"You planned and kept on planning for twenty years to prevent me and Henry from getting close. Even though I was his child and reminded him of his wife, things turned out to be a lot different after twenty years. Twenty years time can change people, let alone circumstances.

I only returned to the Wen Group so that I could look into my mother's death. I insisted that you tell me the truth about my mother's death only after I learned about Kate from several directors of the Wen Group who my mother trusted completely. They all thought it was strange that you sent Kate away all of a sudden after my mother died.

I found Kate in the end and then I got to know that you threw away a torn dress the very same night my mother died. Kate was following you that day and you saw her. That was why you sent her away and ruined her life. I spent a lot of time thinking why your clothes were torn and then asked you with vague wordings at last.

If you weren't so guilty and scared, you would have found out that I was bluffing. But oh no, you panicked and confessed to everything, without even knowing that I wasn't telling the truth. Joy, to think that someone as clever as you could be such a fool. You killed my mother so you need to accept the punishment by the law. And Joy, it was only because you wanted to make a deal to save Shirley that you confessed to the truth, wasn't it?

You schemed for your whole life but got destroyed by your children. It's your karma. I believe you have no doubt about it. My mother was such an innocent and pure soul, and you took her husband from her, ruined her family, and then you killed her.

Joy, I hate you. I hate you so much that I want to feed you to the dogs. By God, don't you

at happened? Tell me all the details." Seeing her nod, Zed got even more angry as a malicious look glimmered in his eyes.

'Joy, you dare lay your hands on Jean.

I'll definitely make you pay for it.'

"Um, Joy and I quarreled in the hospital the last time we were there. Then she suddenly reached out her hands and tried to choke me."

Jean didn't want to recall the memory. But as soon as she saw the two men in front of her wear that concerned look, she felt that if she didn't tell them all the details, they wouldn't let her go. So she narrated the entire story.

Zed's face darkened along with every word Jean uttered.

When he heard that it was Shirley who had broken in and saved Jean, Zed sighed with relief.

"Toby..." He called out in a steely cold voice as soon as Jean finished.

"Mr. Zed." Toby appeared instantly but he felt that there was something wrong in the room. The expression on Zed's face was making Toby uneasy.

"What order did I give you? I told you to follow Jean 24x7 and make sure that she remains safe. But Joy managed to try and choke her in the hospital. How could that happen? Where were you at the moment?" Zed asked with a freezing voice. The look on his face was even more chilling.

Toby hadn't expected that Zed had found out about the incident. He knelt on his knees before Zed at once and lowered his head to confess,"I failed you and Mrs. Jean. Mr. Zed, please forgive me. You can punish me if you want."

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