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   Chapter 448 The Power Of 'First Love'

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8132

Updated: 2019-02-17 18:55

"If you had been chasing after Henry for almost three months and he didn't develop any feelings for you, then how come he started believing that my mother was involved in an extramarital affair?" Jean contradicted her claim in anger.

"You underestimated the power of 'first love', Jean! Charlie was Yvette's first love and first love binds strong. It took Henry quite a lot of work to snatch Yvette from Charlie, and it wasn't easy work either. Charlie hated your parents after that. That's how I got the chance to set your mother up so easily." Joy put on a smile and added,"I have to say that everything happened so smoothly. It was almost as if the entire thing was destined from the very beginning.

If the relationship between the three of them hadn't been so complicated, Henry wouldn't have lost his temper so easily when he saw Charlie and Yvette hugging each other that day. He stormed out angrily and ignored any explanation that Yvette had to offer. He got drunk that night and ended up sleeping with me. Of course, he had no idea what was going on between us that night as he was completely drunk and was out cold. He was devastated and dazed to find us in bed, naked. As for me, I called Yvette in advance deliberately so that when she arrived at my house, she bumped into Henry and me lying on the bed, both naked."

The story seemed to bring her great pleasure and Joy sighed in melancholy. "I have to admit it was quite clever of me to do that. You know Jean, your parents broke up just because of that night. It's sure not that easy to get a divorce. But your mother was so angry and had a stubborn nature so she moved out immediately the moment the two of them got home that day.

I sure wasn't about to give up such an amazing opportunity. So I kept appearing before Henry again and again and I always kept showing my concern about him every time I did, all the while letting Yvette know about the interactions we would have. Henry was really concerned about his career and he still couldn't forgive what he had witnessed between Yvette and Charlie so he never bothered to search for Yvette and explain his actions.

She was badly hurt and even though she waited, she finally asked for a divorce. And in the end, she got it and it was Henry who took the blame as he had to admit that he was cheating on her. This was part of their agreement. Yvette's mother was sick and Yvette didn't want her to know that it

as in love with a man would be so vicious that she would set others up and go so far as to kill someone for her own happiness.

If someone as close to her as Jean didn't notice that something was wrong, there was nobody else who would find out the truth about the death of Jean's mother.

It was a really chilling thought.

Both Zed and Moore were totally thunderstruck on hearing Joy's story.

They were also worried that Jean might break down after finding out the truth.

But to their surprise, Jean still remained calm. They would have thought that she felt no emotions towards the truth if they hadn't witnessed the anger and hatred in her eyes at that moment.

"Since it took you so much work to set my parents apart, why was Henry so indifferent towards me?" Jean held back her sorrow and asked with her angry eyes fixated on Joy.

"Henry was really sad about your mother's death and felt really guilty. So I arranged for Charlie to show up before your mother's grave and pretended that she had died just because Charlie hadn't agreed to marry her. When Henry learned about that, he got angry at once and started to hate your mother from then on. And he hated her more than anything possible.

That is why he never felt anything for you since it was your mother who had hurt him so bad and he saw a glimpse of her in you. Sometimes, he would feel guilty or concerned about you, but I made sure that those feelings disappeared the day they were born. So the relationship between you two kept on going from bad to worse. And later Winner and Shirley were born, which of course attracted his attention.

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