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   Chapter 447 The Truth Of the Past

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6931

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So Joy had changed her mind. All details of her crime were crystal clear to Jean so she knew she had to die sooner or later. In her heart, she thought it was better to ensure that Shirley would survive.

Now when she heard Jean threatening her saying she will soon see the dead body of Shirley, Joey's face turned as white as a paper. Her weak body started to shake like a withered leaf in the autumn wind.

"Jean, I am not compromising because of your threatening words. I just don't want my poor Shirley to lose her life. Okay, I promise you. As long as you can guarantee that Shirley will be fine, I will tell you the truth."

Joy finally made up her mind to come clean.

"Let's go. I think it is time for us to go downstairs now." Zed stood up and asked Moore to go with him.

"Maybe we should stay a little longer. Joy may get suspicious if we enter so soon…" Moore replied, trying to stop Zed.

Zed looked at Moore with a little surprise and then he nodded. "Okay, then we will wait for a few more minutes. I believe Jean will call us soon…"

Before Zed could finish his words, they heard Joy's loud voice. "You ask Zed and the other guy named Moore to come over here. Only after Zed promises me personally about Shirley being alive, I will be satisfied. Jean, I can't trust you now,"

Joy said to Jean, not caring about her feelings at all.

"I know." Jean grimaced and took out the cell phone. "I will call Zed and ask them to come down," she said.

Joy nodded and relaxed hearing her response. After she saw Jean make the call, she asked with puzzlement,"There is one thing I don't really understand. When you already know what had happened many years ago, why do you ask me to tell it to you again personally?"

"Because…" Jean watched Joy's face and hatred appeared in her eyes. "I need to really hear it from your own mouth. I need you to admit what you had done so as to give justice to my mom in heaven. This is the least I could do for her as her daughter."

Jean fixed her eyes on Joy steadily and there was an unwavering determination i

l very conservative. The truth was that she pursued Henry so badly that almost everyone in the city knew about it.

"Wherever Henry showed up, I made it a point to see him. I used all the resources available to me in order to draw his attention to me. However, after three months passed, he still hadn't even given me a look,"

Joy said looking dejected.

Jean was surprised. She had no idea that Henry was indifferent to Joy's persuasion at the beginning.

'This doesn't sound right. Then why did he insist on getting divorced with my mother? Why did he marry Joy? Why did he treat me like trash and ignore me all these years?' Jean's mind was muddled with these questions.

"I started to get anxious. Months passed and my efforts seemed to have no effect on Henry. I consulted all my friends for help. Finally, from the contribution of all of my friends, the best solution was selected. It was an old trick and that was to frame your mother, Yvette."

When she spoke of this, Joy showed a wry smile.

"Frame my mother? How?" Jean's face changed and she snapped fiercely.

"We conspired to make Yvette and her first love Charlie Wu stay in one room. We invited Charlie in advance. When Henry and I broke into the room, Charlie made passes at Yvette as planned. Henry saw them hug together in messy clothes and that did the job,"

Joy said in a very casual tone.

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