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   Chapter 446 It's Me Who Has Been Terribly Harsh On Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6615

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As a daughter, Jean hadn't been able to do one last thing for her mother.

She couldn't let the cause of her mother's death remain unknown.

Just the thought of this was making Jean's heart ache with grief as tears flowed down her fair cheeks.

Moore had been as pensive as her all this while observing her all the time. Seeing her cry, his eyebrows furrowed with worry.

He hurriedly walked over and comforted her. "Jean, don't worry. I seriously think that Zed can think of a way."

"How? We both know it is illegal. And, he won't go against his conscience to do such a thing. It's me who has been terribly harsh on him..."

Jean moped about the situation she had put Zed in.

She had thought that Joy wouldn't ask for more. As long as Shirley stayed alive, it wouldn't matter to her that she would be in jail for the rest of her life. There was nothing illegal in her bargain. But as Joy said, she had seen through Jean's weakness, so she would create the best possible circumstances for Shirley.

The sudden change in the terms hadn't left Jean any time to think. So, she agreed.

Now she realized how serious the matter was and it had exposed Zed to a risky proposition.

She didn't think about whether Zed would agree to it or how he would execute it in the first place.

But now her worry was concentrated at one point — Zed was in a difficult situation.

Jean's shoulders shook with helplessness and she began to cry more fiercely.

'Zed, I am sorry.

I must believe in you. You are the only one that I can depend on.

Please forgive me. I have got you in a bind but I did it all for my deceased mother.'

An hour and a half had passed since Zed went upstairs. After that, there was no noise from him.

Jean's heart in the meanwhile was in the grip of mixed feelings — worry, anxiety and remorse...

Moore quietly sat next to her as he too worried about how they would find a way out of this.

As the clock ticked by, Joy grew more and mo

rom the computer screen, Zed and Moore closely watched what was happening downstairs. As expected, Joy was getting more and more worked up.

"Jean, what's the matter?" Joy approached Jean and asked in annoyance,"Can Zed think of a way? If he can't, forget about it. If you can't save Shirley, I won't tell you the truth. I won't say anything even if you turn me to the police."

Joy threatened Jean, in a mock-conceited way.

Jean who had been looking at the floor all this time, suddenly looked up.

She looked at Joy with cold fury, making her step back shuddering with fear. After a moment, Joy asked a in shivering voice,"Why are you looking at me like that? Jean, I advise you not to play any tricks. It won't work. No matter what you do, I won't tell you the truth."

"I know your only concern is saving Shirley and you won't make any compromises. Since that is the case, I have no more to say. See, even Zed can't think of a way to save Shirley. I can't lie to you." Jean stared at Joy and laughed brutally. "Since you have decided, you can go now. But I can tell you. You will soon see the dead body of Shirley..."

Joy put on a baffled experssion as Jean asked her to leave.

All this while when she had been waiting, she knew that a respected man like Zed wouldn't break the law to save Shirley.

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