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   Chapter 445 Jean’s Weak Point

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10953

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Joy's face turned pale at once, trembling as soon as she heard every word Jean had spoken out.

Joy got so frustrated as she didn't expect Jean would have the puzzle pieces together. All she needed now was the connecting dots. At this point, it didn't matter now if Joy would tell how Jean's mother died. Joy was that desperate.

Silence enveloped them for a while. Finally, Joy made up her mind and looked at Jean firmly. "Fine. You want to know how I got your mother killed, right? I can tell you all about the whole truth, but you have to promise me that in return, you have to save Shirley. When I mean save her, I meant that you get her out of the police office instead of leaving her in the jail for the rest of her life. If you promise me that, I will tell you what happened then."

Finding the deal offered ridiculous, Jean scoffed. "Joy, I know you are smart. You also know that whether or not you tell me about the details, you will still be charged of murder. Now, you want to save Shirley by sacrificing yourself. How do you make sure that I will agree to it when it is easier to just get rid of the both of you, heartless murderers?"

"I am confident that you'll agree. I know that you set Shirley up so you could threaten me into spilling the beans about what happened to your mother. Because deep in your heart, your mother's death means a lot - a lot more important than everything else for you. See, if it wasn't then you won't trade it with Shirley's life, and you won't be dealing with me now. I understand that you think it will be easier for you to threaten me to tell you the truth after Shirley is sentenced, right? You don't want to place yourself in much trouble, and I have only such a little request, of course then you will agree."

Joy pointed it out with conviction on her tone and a confident look on her face.

Jean frowned at Joy, pondering about Joy's new proposition. "May I remind you that just now, we had a deal that I will make sure Shirley is going to stay alive, but I didn't promise you that she could live free."

"Yes, I know, but I have found your weak point, so you have to promise me and take this new deal or leave it." Lifting the corner of her lips into a smirk, Joy looked at Jean, satisfied at how Jean was already half considering the new deal despite what she said.

Jean remained silent for a while to weigh in her options. She then looked at Joy with a face that couldn't be painted. "Then, why don't you ask me a deal that will benefit yourself? Since you are fully aware that as long as it is concerned with my mother, you can threaten me."

"I'm fine. I don't need it." Joy looked away and into the distance. She put on a sad smile before adding,"Do you really think that my heart is made of stone? Winner was my son. His death tortured me every single day ever since the day I lost him. The only reason why I am motivated to wake up every day and pray for my life is because I still have another child, and that's Shirley. I know I haven't been the mother she always hoped for, but I am hoping that I would take back all those depressing years of her and replace it with at least, a memory of me sacrificing myself for her. I want to fight for her and give her another chance to be alive and turn into a new

nt my wish to be granted no matter how insane or ignorant of the law I look to you now."

Jean then couldn't help but look at Zed and beg him silently with her pleading eyes.

Zed turned away, not daring to look into Jean's eyes, and looked down. He knew that he was not able to refuse her when she was determined.

However, if he promised her that, then what about his faith? How was he going to face his grandpa, parents, and even his brothers, knowing what he did?

Then again, if he refused Jean, then she...

Thinking about that, Zed shook her head and got upset at once as he couldn't think of a way that would satisfy everyone.

Standing aside without any sound, Joy watched the whole scene. She saw how upset this deal made Zed and how puzzled Moore had become.

But she also saw how much determination Jean had. Despite the extreme emotions that she was receiving from Zed and Moore, Jean didn't draw back. Instead, she stood there and gazed her eyes on Zed, waiting for him to agree and promise to do his part.

Even then, Joy knew that it was truly difficult for Zed to agree to the deal given the position he had.

However, Joy was still firm on that deal regardless. Besides, it was her last parting wish to trade herself for Shirley's freedom.

Now both Joy and Jean were on the same side to both Zed and Moore's disbelief.

Finally, after a while of tensed silence, Zed eventually opened his mouth, but he didn't look at Jean. "Give me some time to think about this. I still need to check if there's any chance to do that." He then took a look at Joy and said,"You don't want the deal to go wrong as well, right? If I can't get Shirley out, then I can't promise you anything."

Without another word and without another look at Jean, Zed turned around and quickly stormed off upstairs.

Jean's face darkened as well as she watched Zed's retreating figure.

She thought about what Zed said. He meant then that he couldn't agree to the deal if he didn't have any chance to get Shirley out.

If that's the case, then there's a possibility that what Jean had planned would be in vain.

Joy would die with the secret buried with her to the grave.

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