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   Chapter 444 Things Have Really Come Full Circle

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8693

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It was only at that time that Joy was the most vulnerable and least cautious.

Even if she knew that it was going to get her in hell of a lot of trouble of entirely another sort if she told the truth, she would have had no choice but to agree in order to save Shirley.

As for why Jean didn't threaten her after Shirley was sentenced, especially when it would get her to agree so much faster?

The answer was simply because it was wrong to do that.

After Shirley was sentenced, Joy would agree to do anything to save her even if it meant doing whatever Jean asked.

However, Joy was not a total idiot and was sure to make every possible effort and try to hide whatever evidence had come to light of their deal. And if Jean did not fulfill her promise, she would have exposed that deal to the media, which would have gotten both Jean and Zed into quite a lot of trouble.

Therefore, it was clearly advisable for Jean to stay cautious and not make any hasty decisions.

Anything was possible before Shirley had been sentenced.

"Why do you doubt the cause of your mother's death?" Joy thought for a long time. Finally she tried to calm herself down and asked Jean.

"I doubt it thanks to you. Otherwise I would have never come to know that there was even a possibility of an alternate cause. So, Joy, don't ever try to fool me because you are nothing now!" Jean coldly ordered.

'Sure enough!'

Joy closed her eyes for a few seconds and suddenly started remembering about how she had totally lost control of herself and almost strangled Jean in the hospital. It was clearly at that time that Joy had muttered something about Jean's mother in her fury and Jean had caught on to it.

And only then did Joy realize that Jean has been suspecting her for a long time now and was willing to find out the truth no matter where it took her.

'If I don't tell her everything today, Shirley is going to be sentenced without doubt and I am bound to lead a poor life alone.

If I had known that this was going to happen one day, I would have completely ignored Shirley's advice and actually strangled Jean.

If it weren't for Jean, Shirley would not be in prison right now!'

Joy clenched her fists tightly with a murderous look on her face.

"It's too late for you to regret what you did. From the day I suspected that something else was at play, I began to closely investigate exactly how my mother died. I certainly won't tell you what I have found out till now. But Joy, this is a god opportunity for you and if you don't want to seize it, well, it would be my pleasure to tell you t

or her life and you didn't listen?" Jean stared at her in fury and uttered every single word separately in a tone that would have frozen fires in hell.

"Stop blaming me! I know that you are lying…" Joy shouted as if she had gone mad.

"Did you just say that I was lying? Do you know Joy, my mother tore a piece of cloth from your dress as she struggled from her life. And therein lies the evidence. My grandmother found it and began to doubt the cause of my mother's death. After investigating secretly, she also found out it was the same dress you were wearing that day!"

"A piece of broken dress doesn't prove anything. You can't even prove it's mine." Joy's facial expression quickly changed into total terror, but she still tried to deny the fact.

"Yes, I knew you were gonna say that." Jean gave a cruel smile. "But after you discovered that your dress had been ripped in the struggle that ensued, you got really anxious to destroy it! Unfortunately, my mother's maid saw it. When she saw you sneak outside, she secretly followed you and saw you throw it into a ruin. I have so much evidence now. Do you still want to deny the fact?"

"I sent Kate away and married her to a man in the north. How did you find her?" Joy's eyes suddenly widened and she enquired in shock.

"She had a deep affection for my mother. And all thanks to you, she married a villain. In the second year of her marriage, she was almost tortured to death but survived. And the villain she married, well... He was killed by some other thugs for making troubles. So things have really come full circle, haven't they? Kate did not know where she should go after her husband died. But every few years, she came back and visited my mother's grave."

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