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   Chapter 443 How Did My Mother Die

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7466

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"It's all my fault. I didn't do my job well as a mother and teach my kids the way I should have. This is why tragedy has struck my brood. No matter what I think, this is what has happened. All I can do now is visit my daughter."

Joy's grief and despondency hardly stirred anything up in Jean. Jean stared blankly at the woman who had had no qualms about torturing her for two decades.

But, finally the truth had hit home. It was Joy's fault. She was responsible for Winner and Shirley's tragedies. If she had been a better mother and taught her kids why being good was important, things wouldn't have come to this end.

Now Joy's feeling guilty was useless. It was too late to change the truth.

If this weren't the last chance for Joy, she would not have come to Jean asking for help.

"Zed, Moore, please go inside." Not a muscle had twitched on Jean's face despite Joy's pleading. Jean looked in the direction of the two men and again signalled them to go inside.

Zed and Moore had been watching Jean to see whether she would refuse Joy. Her asking them to leave the two women alone was totally unexpected.

It was hardly a good time to leave as both were curious about Jean's reaction.

Zed and Moore exchanged a look and wondered what tricks Jean had up her sleeve.

"Go ahead! I'll be alright." Jean nodded to Zed and assured him.

Hearing Jean's promise, Zed unwillingly nodded and walked inside the house.

Moore didn't have anything more to say so he too followed Zed inside.

That left Jean and Joy alone in front of the door.

Joy got confused when she saw Jean making Zed and Moore leave. She was dazed for a second and wondered what was going on in Jean's mind.

"Joy, do you want to save Shirley?" Jean took two steps to get closer to Joy. This time, Jean asked her with a dead-serious look.

Joy's eyes glimmered at once as Jean's words gave her a feeling that there was some hope for Shirley yet, now that Jean had asked her such a question.

Joy instinctively nodded at the chance of saving her daughter, hardly thinking twice before saying,"Jean, as long as you let Shirley stay alive, no matter what you ask me to do I'll do it. Even if you want my life, I'll give it to you without any

u have only one chance."

Jean turned around showing her back to Joy after she finished her words.

Jean had been nervous all along actually. She was betting all on this.

If Joy wasn't determined to save Shirley, then Jean's risk would fail.

But Jean didn't have another choice.

She could only threaten Joy to tell her the truth by taking advantage of Joy's intention to save Shirley's life.

When Jean acquired the Wen Group with Henry's help, she didn't drive the mother-daughter away. Instead, Jean gave Shirley a position in the Wen Group to allow her to start afresh.

Jean was not that type. She just wanted Shirley to stay in front of her so that she could bully Shirley and even worse. Then Joy would have shown concern for Shirley and asked Jean for mercy.

As long as she would have given Joy hope, Jean had believed Joy would have told her the truth eventually.

But to Jean's surprise, before she put her plan into action, Shirley dug up her grave and gifted Jean a brilliant opportunity.

Now Shirley was in police custody and nobody was allowed to visit her.

As the case was not presented in court yet, there was no way for a powerless Joy to visit Shirley.

Being cornered, Joy had come to ask Jean for help in the hope that the influential Zed could help her visit Shirley.

But, in all this, Jean had been smart to take complete advantage of this. Realizing that Joy hadn't totally given up on Shirley, Jean made Joy face the moment of truth.

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