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   Chapter 442 That Shameless Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8259

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"I don't believe it either. I have to expose her lie." Toby stopped the car at the door just as Jean finished her resolute words.

She got out of the car immediately without waiting for Toby to open the door for her and saw Zed who was wearing a dark face.

"You are back? So soon?" He asked with his eyebrows furrowed into a displeased frown. Evidently he had wanted her to stay away a little while longer.

And that was what he had asked her, wasn't it? Hadn't she promised him that she would do so?

"Honey, aren't you happy to see me? Is that a way to greet your beloved wife?" Jean said intimately as she walked over to Zed and stopped right in front of him. Her face was far too appealing for him to continue being angry anymore.

Besides he wasn't angry enough anyhow and couldn't ignore that soft look and tender tone.

So he simply looked at her and shook his head hopelessly in negative.

Seeing that Zed wasn't angry any more, Jean now turned towards Joy, who was standing over to a side. "Joy, what are you doing here?"

She pretended to be surprised to find Joy there and asked as though she had only noticed her just now. She wasn't planning on revealing Joy's schemes just now.

"Jean, I'm here to visit you." Joy held Jean's hand and intimately tried to start a conversation. "I didn't treat you so well all these years. And it's my fault that I did what I did and there is no way to justify that. I agree to that and I agree that I shouldn't have done that. You are such a sweet girl. I was too blinded by Shirley and lost in her and I failed to notice your nice and sweet nature. Jean, please forgive me. I can't face you without guilt anymore and I want to be forgiven. Winner is gone now. If you leave me alone, I think the only choice left for me would be to go on and meet Winner in heaven.

Jean's eyebrows furrowed in a frown. Even though she had just witnessed in the car how shameless Joy was, she never expected her to fall any lower.

She sighed silently over Joy's useless efforts.

To be honest though, Joy's acting was almost as great as a professional. She would have made an amazing actress.

Didn't she fear karma when telling lies? Well, she would, even though she didn't even believe that there's karma in the world.

Zed was frowning too and he was also angry with Joy only.

He was thinking that Jean should have known just how irritating and infuriating Joy was to deal with, but judging from Jean's looks and


It was Henry and Joy's fault that they didn't recognize just how changed Jean was.

Zed didn't care whether Joy was acting or not. He just didn't want to see his wife hurt or fooled and clearly that wasn't gonna happen now. So he was relaxed.

He comfortably folded his arms and lifted the corner of his lips as if he was watching a show.

When Jean heard Joy's words, she sneered and asked deliberately,"But Joy, just now you were sad that Shirley has killed Winner? And you just said that Shirley should be punished since she has done something terribly wrong."

"I was just being angry. She's my child after all. How can I see her suffer in the police office? Jean, you know that she was a spoiled brat and hasn't suffered anything ever since she was a kid. That has totally destroyed her morals and etiquettes. Could you please talk to Zed and let me visit Shirley in the police office? I know the chief captain is his friend,"

Joy asked with a fawning face.

So that was her real aim.

Jean took a look at Joy's disgusting face and her heart ran cold.

Joy had pretended to be nice to Jean and claimed not to speak for Shirley.

And now she was begging for Shirley in the end. Jean suddenly remembered that this was the real Joy she knew.

"Joy, what about Winner?" She asked as if she was embarrassed. "You do know that If you are good to Shirley, then you are being bad to Winner, don't you?!"

"Winner is gone, and Shirley is in the police station now. They are both my children. Though I feel sad about Winner, I can't leave Shirley behind. She's my child after all."

Joy cried as she finished her words.

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