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   Chapter 441 Please Leave

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6190

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"I know. You take care of yourself. I'll hang up, bye-bye."


Jean ended the phone call, looked at her phone's screen and breathed heavily.

"Jean, don't worry. Zed will handle it very well." Moore had heard their entire conversation and knew what had happened. Seeing Jean tense, he tried to comfort her.

"No, Moore, you don't know how horrible Joy is. She is a devilish character. I was oppressed by her all my life and never in that time, was I able to find a chance to fight back. Now that Shirley is in jail and she can't visit, she must be hating my guts." Jean uttered it in one breath.

"Why do you say that? After all it was Shirley's own mistake. Joy favors her, but she can't blame it all on you. She should have some conscience." Moore comforted her.

"How can I explain this to you? If Joy was reasonable and had some conscience, she wouldn't have treated me as a servant for twenty years," Jean explained, with a painful smile.

"Zed said that he would handle it well. You should believe him. Don't overthink it, alright?" Moore was stunned but had tried to hide his surprise from Jean. Although he knew that Jean had had a hard life before she married Zed, he had never imagined Jean being treated as a servant.

'The Wen family is so cruel and cold-blooded.'

As they headed to the sea, Jean looked absent-minded and lost all vigor.

Noticing Jean slow her pace, Moore who was following her, suddenly covered his chest, pretending to be in pain.

"What happened?" Jean turned around as she heard Moore cry out in pain.

"I am not feeling well in my chest..." Moore breathed hard and suggested,"Shall we go back?"

"You should go to the hospital if you are not feeling well..." Jean was worried. She held Moore by the arm and patted his back as they begun walking back. "Hold on. I'll get you to the hospita

rm, cold eyes.

Zed furrowed his brows and his anger mounted. "You dare to threaten me?"

"I'm just a woman. How can I dare to threaten the famous Mr. Qi?" Joy laughed coldly.

"Why do you look for Jean? I'm warning you. It's no use threatening me, and it's impossible for you to see Jean. Shirley has only herself to blame. As a mother, you share half the responsibility for her sinful acts. Don't blame it on Jean. Joy, if you also want to be in jail, I don't mind sending you there to give Shirley company."

Zed warned her with a cold stare. Nobody ever dares to threaten him.

Joy looked down for a minute as she thought over the words that were on the tip of her tongue. Finally, she said,"I'm here to see Jean, not to blame her, but to thank her for helping find the murderer of my son Winner. If I meet him in heaven, my heart will finally find some peace."

Joy's words surprised everyone.

After a while, Jean put on a cold smile and said to Toby,"Please drive the car there."

"What are you doing?" Moore asked surprisingly.

"Do you believe her words? Do you actually believe that she came here to thank me?" Jean retorted, watching Moore for a reaction.

"No, I don't." Moore instantly shook his head.

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